Win Bookish Home Decor with Scotland's Stories of Home

First prize is this natty book rest lamp
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This competiton is now closed and winners will be notified shortly. 

For Scotland's Stories of Home we invited you to write and submit a real-life story on the theme of home. What does 'home' mean to you? Which stories does your family always retell when they think of home?

And now, we're offering you a chance to win bookish prizes to give your home a literary feel...


Stories of Home Photo Competition

We are looking for Scotland, and the UK's, most embarrassing growing up photos! Do you have any photos of you growing up that make your face go red? Any family classics that make you laugh and cringe at the same time? Ever had a mullet?


We have some great prizes to give away (see below) to the entrants whose photos make our panel laugh the longest. 

Stories of Home Photo Competition: The Prizes

Book Rest Lamp

First Prize: A Book Rest Lamp

This prize from The Literary Gifts Company acts as a reading lamp and a book stand; you could either rest your book on it after reading, or choose a favourite book to stay on the lamp semi-permanently.

Book Rest Toilet Roll Holder

Second Prize: 'Bird House' Book Rest & Toilet Roll Holder

Break the taboo and admit you read everywhere in your house with this convenient book holder from The Literary Gifts Company.

Floating Bookshelves

Third Prize: Floating, Invisible Bookshelves

This ingenious, concealed, bookshelf will confuse, bewitch and delight your guests. 


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