25 Christmas presents for booklovers

25 Christmas presents for booklovers
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Christmas is coming like a capitalist stream train through a Willy Wonka style tunnel of garish colour and disturbing imagery.

And, even if John Lewis' Christmas adverts give you the dry boak, you probably still have some presents to buy. 

If you've got a booklover in your life, we want to make sure you're not that brother- or sister-in-law. The one who buys people an electric garlic crusher or solar powered doorbell. So, we've stuck our elbows out, spread our weight evenly and barged through the festive internet hordes to bring you 25 presents that will ensure booklovers let you win your cracker duel with them at Christmas dinner. 

Library Card iPhone Case from Etsy

1. Library Card Phone Case

Caribou Creek Cases on Etsy

Etsy is a treasure trove for literary lovers. If you've got a phone-cum-book geek in your family or friends circle, then you're sorted with this retro library card phone case.

Edison Bookends

2. Edison Bookends

JRusticFurniture on Etsy

Do you know someone who loves books and spending hours on Apartment Therapy? Then look no further. Stripped down industrial decor is so hot right now and books never go out of fashion. Voila. 

Aslan Mane for Dogs

3. Aslan Mane for Dogs


'But courage child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan.' C.S. Lewis, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Help doglovers add a touch of majesty to their pooch with an Aslan mane this Christmas. Go on... please. 

cloud bookshelves

4. Cloud Bookshelf

Shop Littles on Etsy

Perfect for the little booklovers, these dreamy cloud bookshelves are ideal for a bedside reading stash.

Buy someone a book sculpture this Christmas

5. The Tree of Love Book Sculpture

Malena Valcarcel

We'll tell anyone we meet about the beautiful book sculptures we hid around Scotland during the first Book Week Scotland. If you remember those then you might be interested in this sculpture for a very special someone (it's not cheap). 

Geeky necklace

6. Oscar Wilde Geek Glasses Necklace

Literary Emporium

This necklace allows its wearer the opportunity to foreground their inner book geek. It even comes mounted on a card bearing a witticism from Oscar Wilde. 


Buy a Charles Bukowski Trucker Cap

7. Bukowski Trucker Cap


'Find what you love and let it kill you.' Charles Bukowski. Totally kill it this Christmas by buying the misanthrope (or wannabe miserablist) in your life a special Charles Bukowski baseball cap. There are loads of different types to choose from.


8. In Car Book Safe

Present Provider

Thanks to the internet, it's now easier than ever to get your hands on things you dearly coveted as a child. A book you can hide in your bookshelf that is actually a safe? No problem. Click, and collect.

Closing lines of books posters

9. Famous Closing Lines Posters

LuminousParticular on Etsy

A minimalist treat for anyone who really loves one book in particular. These 'famous closing lines' posters pull out the last lines of famous novels and frame them, making the words sing. Poignant and perfect for Christmas. 


10. A Literary Shower Curtain

Cafe Press

Usually shower curtains won't leave you alone but booklovers will love these literary editions sticking to their backs..

So my story begins onesie

12. 'So My Story Begins' Onesie

Uncommon Goods

Perfect for the bookloving baby (or new parents) in your life. This charming onesie hints at the stories little babies will grow to tell. Found via Book Riot

Simple bookmark for bedroom

13. Book Keeper Wall Fixture


Most booklovers will read until they realise they've held the book in front of their closed eyes for a few minutes. At that point they might summon one last conscious effort to put their bookmark in their book. Most booklovers, however, will drop their book on the ground or dump it unmarked on the bedside table. This simple fixture allows sleepy booklovers the chance to develop a simple reach-and-drop technique. Over the course of their lifetime it will save them hours, days and weeks of trying to figure out where they got to in their book before entering Sleepytown's city limits.

Grammar Police sweatshirt

14. Grammar Police T-shirt

More T Vicar

Only a grammar policeperson's ego can love them. Even their mothers tire of having their texts and emails corrected. Satisfy that ego with this declarative sweater.


300 books on a USB

15. 3,000 Classic Books on one USB


It's like that old saying: 'Why give a booklover one book when you can give them 3,000.' This USB packs 3,000 classic novels on one USB stick. Even the presenters of Tomorrow's World would have had trouble keeping a straight face as they read about it off their teleprompter. The stuff of madmen's dreams.

Game of Thrones Public Transport Map

16. Game of Thrones Public Transport Map


Threadless is awesome. Their Game of Thrones homage, 'The Bus is Coming', reimagines George R. R. Martin's famous world as a public transport map. Get the design as a men's or women's t-shirt, or an iPhone case.

Wall Mounted Scrabble Set

17. Wall-mounted Scrabble Set

Hammacher Schlemmer

At $12,000 this wall-mounted Scrabble-for-giants set isn't cheap but, by including it here, we hope that the manufacturers will send us one for our office. It is the stuff of all of our dreams. 


Vintage alice text and border queen duvet set

18. Vintage Alice in Wonderland Duvet Set

Cafe Press

One imagines that a combination of strong cheese close to bedtime followed by a night in this Alice in Wonderland duvet spread would lead to memorable dreams. This set is a great present for many reasons. Including the fact that it allows booklovers the chance to use the chat up line, 'Let me take you to Wonderland.'

A Pair of Pencil Pumps

19. A Pair of Pencil Pumps


A pair of pencil pumps provides the perfect present for the literary lady in your life. 

Bathtime Caddy

20. Aquala Bath Caddy

The Literary Gift Company

Gift the bathloving booklover in your life the ultimate joy of a bamboo bathtime reading shelf replete with drinks holder. Glass of red wine not included.

Lie down and read glasses

21. Lazy Reading Glasses

Now Laugh

If you know a booklover who complains about having to lift their head to read at night then look no further for their present this year. Fitted with tilted mirrors, these glasses allow one a perfect view of one's book while horizontal.

Holden Cauldfield necklace

22. Catcher in the Rye Necklace


'I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It's nice.' J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye. Make someone's Christmas with this perfect Holden Cauldfield homage. It will give booklovers the power to call out all the phonies. 

Novel Posters at The Literary Gifts Company

23. A Novel in a Poster

The Literary Gifts Company

These nifty posters allow booklovers to put a whole novel on their wall. There are a few novels to choose from and each comes with an identifiable silhouette. Nice. 

Ain't no party like a Gatsby party

 24. Ain't no party like a Gatsby Party

Thug Life

This truly awesome t-shirt will help your friend or lover own Christmas and New Year's parties. It reads: 'Ain't no party like a Gatsby party because a Gatsby party don't stop until two people are dead and everyone is disillusioned with the jazz age as a whole'.

25. Take someone to their local library and sign them up

Your local library

A novel idea for Christmas. Take an uninitiated loved one or friend to their local library and help them get signed up for Christmas. You could make a fun trip out of it.

Libraries are the gift that never stops giving. Your loved one can refresh their 'presents' as often as they like and they don't even need to pay. Now that sounds like a perfect Christmas present.


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