4 More Events for Book Lovers at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Physics by Erin Vermeulen
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It’s that time of year again: the two weeks of the year when the nerds go nutty, the geeks go ape and the poindexters have a party. That’s right – it’s the Edinburgh International Science Festival!

It's week two and there's still lots going on across the city! Booklovers, here are some more events to check out this week...


3 Bears (3+)

Wednesday 15 — Thursday 16 April

The shiny metal world of Goldilocks meets the lovely natural wooden world of the three bears. Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre tell this new tale in a new way that’s sure to thrill your little ones.


Horrible Science with Tony De Saulles (5+)

It's the two weeks of the year when the nerds go nutty, the geeks go ape and the poindexters have a party

Thursday 16 April

Horrible Science illustrator Tony De Saulles gives you some tips on how to bring your science drawings to life! Want to draw stinky things, gross things and things that are dead? Then this is the event for you!


Stranger than Fiction: illuminating scientific lives (14+)

Thursday 16 April

Mhairi Stewart, Jim McCarthy and Barbara Melville from Scotland’s only non-fiction writing group discuss why scientists become scientists, why biographers write about them and whether any of them can be trusted to tell the truth about their lives.


Should You Trust What You Hear about Science? An Enlightenment Debate: Hume vs Reid (14+)

Friday 17 April

Dr Alistair Isaac and Dr Alasdair Richmond, both philosophers at The University of Edinburgh, enact a debate between Hume and Reid – both writers of seminal philosophy books – about whether we should be sceptical or trusting in our pursuit of science and truth.


Image credit: Physics by Erin Vermeulen

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