Children and Teen Book of the Month: My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat

My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat
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This month we're featuring a young readers title, My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat.  

Author: Pamela Butchart | Age category: 8-11 years

Who would ban garlic bread on Italian day?

Only a vampire, surely?

What would you do if you went to school one morning and discovered that the corridors and classrooms were cordoned off as danger zones with no explanation? What if it was because the school was in fact plagued with large stinking rats or, worse still, infested with something more terrifying... a vampire Head Teacher?

This book is hilarious. Imagine you had a day off school and your best friend calls to recount the day’s entire happenings for you, "She said, then he said…and then she said", that kind of thing.  Our witty narrator, Izzy, does not take a breath and her fast paced, detailed account hilariously captures the zaniness of primary school. Packed with imagination and peppered with quirky illustrations by Thomas Flintham, this is truly a laugh out loud and enjoyable read.

It is the third book in the series but is an excellent standalone read. In fact, you’ll want to go hunt out the other two books in the series because of this (pssst… they’re called Baby Aliens Got My Teacher and The Spy who Loved School Dinner).


Q&A with Pamela Butchart

 What was your favourite book as a child?

This has to be Mog and the Baby by Judith Kerr. Judith Kerr is my all-time favourite author.  I love all of the Mog books, but this one is my favourite. The illustration of Mog tucked up tight in a pram with her little bonnet on (looking horrified!) is wonderful. Judith has such an amazing ability to show Mog's (hilarious) emotions in the illustrations. One of my earliest memories is of Mog tucked up tight in that pram.  

Are you working on anything new?


I've just written a book for slightly older children (9+) called Petunia Perry and the Curse of the Ugly Pigeon. It's a book about what it's like to start secondary school when you want to fit in but you don't want to conform. There's spoon-playing, evil unicorn paintings and a psychic cat who's in a band (I LOVED writing this book). It's illustrated by Gemma Correll (who also happens to be my favourite artist!).

Can you give any tips for young readers that would like to become authors?

My advice would be to write about what you ENJOY writing about. If you have fun when you're writing about scary things then write about scary things. Don't write about something unless it interests you, scares you or makes you laugh.

I think that if you enjoy what you're writing there's a good chance others will enjoy reading it too. 


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