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Black Dogs
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We were delighted to receive almost 600 stories for Journeys. The theme attracted such a diverse collection of stories, poems and comic strips in English, Scots and Gaelic and we really did laugh and cry reading about the journeys that meant the most to you.

The quality of the writing was exceptionally high and we powered through a lengthy selection process - making some very difficult decisions - to compile the book. 

Journeys will be released during Book Week Scotland (Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th November) and will be available to pick up (for free!) at libraries, bookshops and a host of other venues across the country.

If you'd like to order a box of 50 books to share with your colleagues, friends or book group you can order these online

Meanwhile, enjoy all the stories that were submitted to the project and read these wee gems that we wish we could have squeezed into the book...

A Birth Story
Wrong Side of the Road
Getting There
A Birth Story Wrong Side of the Road  Getting There
To The Airport
City of Legends
How far would you climb for a cup of tea
 To The Airport  The City of Legends  How Far Would You Climb For a Cup of Tea
Time Lends Enchantment
Walking to the Moon
Black Dogs
 Time Lends Enchantment  Walking to the Moon

 Black Dogs


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