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This Book Week Scotland, people from all over the country have been thanking books for all they've given them - the rich, varied and incredibly exciting worlds of the imagination found in their pages. Some readers are taking time to think of the person who introduced them to books, and some are thanking a specific book or an author for creating the first book to really capture their imagination. This Thanksgiving, we've gathered some inspirational #thankBooks messages to share. Add your own to our #ThankBooks wall now! 

'I want to thank Roald Dahl ,who inspired me, and my sister Katy who always encouraged me to read the right books. For always guiding me to read the interesting stuff.' Marya Kurwa

'I want to thank David Walliams for writing The Boy in the Dress because the book gives us the message that everyone can wear whatever they want, no one is in charge of that. I would read this book everyday because I love it and it is funny.' Graidie, 8

'I want to thank Equal Rites (by Terry Pratchett) for being my gateway book to the Discworld 27 years ago, you introduced me to my favourite author and showed me that genre fiction was and is so much more than escapist fun.' Matt Imrie

'I want to thank my book club for being a place where I can go and speak my mind and be listened to. Discussions always begin with our book of the month but manage to segue into many topics such as feminism, politics, life and relationships. I always feel happier and brain feels healthier after our meetings. Everyone should have that safe space to share and be heard, give and get advice, and this is my place. Our shared love of books has facilitated this for us, so that's why I #ThankBooks for you! x' Kimberly Bryce 

'I want to thank The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I would like to thank you for making this wonderful book, it had changed my cousin's life. My cousin had a car crash and she is now in a wheelchair, she kept closing her door she didn't talk to anyone, she broke up with her boyfriend and she stopped eating. When I read this book I thought of her and I gave it to her. At first she didn't want to take it but then she did and she read it, now she is hanging out with her friends and she eats and she talks so much that everyone now closes their ears. She's the happiest person on earth! And I LOVE her!' Patrycja, 12 

'I want to thank JK Rowling for the Harry Potter books. I was a little girl in Ecuador who started to believe in magic and literature at the same time because of you.' María Cabezas 

'I want to thank my dad for taking me to the library every other Saturday when I was younger. Even though you weren't a reader yourself you took me without fail and always encouraged me to read and develop my love of reading. Thank you for all the time you let me use your library cards so I could take out more books and for turning a blind eye when I would sneak into the adult section and read, no, devour the Stephen King books. Without a doubt you are the reason I love books and chose to become a librarian. The happy memories of going to the library with you will forever have a place in my heart.' Lee-Anne Connor 

'I want to thank The Service of Clouds by Susan Hill for explaining life to me in 288 pages. As I read this book, everything it said about solitude, sadness, joy, love and dreams made sense to me at a time when nothing else did, and for that it will always mean a lot to me.' Emily

'I want to thank John Steinbeck for telling great stories that need to be told time and time again and will until people get the message of what it means to be a human being. Thank you for colouring these stories with rich description and memorable characters so that your lessons are a joy to read - serving a second lesson in how we may write extraordinarily.' Richie Brown 

'I want to thank Jim Pipe for tales of horror WEREWOLVES it really got me inspired into other monsters.' James, 10

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