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In festivals town, May is the turn of Imaginate - Edinburgh’s international children’s festival, which showcases some of the world’s best theatre and dance for young audiences. Between 28 May and 5 June the programme of shows - hand-picked from 9 different countries - comes to life and and brims with magic, colour and music.

There is something to appeal to every age and taste, but here are some shows for booklovers...

The Bookbinder (ages 8+)

This show by New Zealand company Trick of Light is a story of mystery, intrigue and charm. Peculiar things happen when a boy leaves home to make his fortune and finds himself learning the craft of an apprentice bookbinder. In true storytelling style he is warned that he should not do anything that cannot be undone. With the arrival of a mysterious customer and an unusual book in need of repair, an atmospheric epic fable begins. A handkerchief, a missing page, an old lady and a gap in the world are woven to create a delicious dark walk towards danger. The Bookbinder’s enchanting tale is told with a paper sculpted pop-up book, puppetry, shadow-play, exquisite music and cheeky humour.

Showing at the Traverse Theatre, Saturday 4 June 15:30 and 19:00 and Sunday 5 June 11:30

The Story of a Little Gentleman (ages 4-8)

The award-winning Catherine Wheels Theatre Company brings to life a story based on the children’s book by author Barbro Lindgren. The book is a classic in her native Sweden where she has had a major influence on children’s literature, with books that are humorous and imaginative yet treat important issues for children seriously. In The Little Gentleman, a lonely man finally makes friend with a curious dog after placing little ads all around town. But he soon feels deserted when a girl begins to play with the dog and strains their intense friendship. The show is told with a set full of surprises and imagination, through music, songs and few dialogues to take its young audiences on a simple yet emotional journey.

Showing at the Southside Community Centre, Saturday 4 June 11:30 and 15:30 and Sunday 5 June 15:30

Fluff, a Story of Lost Toys
(ages 4-8)

This quirky Australian invites you into the mad world of the Gingham family, a cheerful plaid-patterned trio who travel around to rescue lost toys. Told with originality, warmth and an extraordinary combination of vocal sounds, movement and music, this refreshing tale celebrates handmade and 'pre-loved' and the notion that we are all unique and have a story to tell. The show was created after writer and performer Christine Johnston developed an addiction with finding lost and discarded treasures in car-boot markets and second-hand bookshops, with many of her finds starring in the show!

Showing at the Traverse Theatre, Saturday 4 June 17:30 and Sunday 5 June 11:00 and 15:00


For more information and to book tickets for Imaginate visit the website or call 0131 228 1404.


Marion Bourbouze

Marion Bourbouze is Head of Marketing and Communications at Imaginate.

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