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There are many weird reading habits out there and we all have our own. After all, our relationships with books and reading are extremely personal and specific to everyone.

Working in a very book-y environment I sometimes think I’ve become accustomed to hearing about people’s quirky reading habits, but then I’ll hear about a new one I cannot comprehend! I used to think it was just me who obsessively counted pages but the more readers I speak to, the more odd habits I hear about.

Here are some of the weirdest reading habits – in my opinion – that I’ve come across recently.

I won’t admit to any of them, apart from the occasional book sniff…


Reading while walking

I don’t understand how this one is possible. I definitely don’t have the motor skills, balance or concentration to operate a book while on the move, but I see more and more people doing it. I’m both envious and puzzled by this skill.


Skipping paragraphs

A colleague admitted to this reading habit recently. Whether it’s boring or too descriptive, how can you justify missing a bit? What if it’s important? I wouldn’t dare do it.


Obsessively tracking your progress through a book

Okay, I do admit to this one – I do compulsively like to know how far I am through the chapter, through the book and how long it’s taken me to get that far.

Although e-readers are good for telling you the actual percentage you've read, I enjoy being able to physically see how far I am through the book in my hand and counting the pages…


Reading the end first

Another one someone recently confessed to me. Why on earth would you do this? I am not a fan of this habit, even if it is just to check for a happy ending.  


Reading a random page from a random book

Another odd reading quirk I’ve heard about. Apparently it’s good if you’ve only got 5 minutes to spare and want to ‘revisit an old friend’. I’ve yet to try this one out. It slightly upsets my need to read a book in complete chronological order, but I'll give it go.


Book sniffing

Books smell good. Fact. I confess to this one, I’d happily embrace the smell of a good book any day. This is one habit not to be sniffed at.


What are your quirky reading habits? Tell us below!


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