Children's Book of the Month: Super Gran

Book: Super Gran by Forrest Wilson; illustrated by David McKee | Age category: 8-11 years


You might have seen Superman and Wonder Woman before, but in this story you will meet a very different type of superhero – Super Gran!

When the book begins, Granny Smith is a perfectly ordinary little old woman, but once she gets zapped by an inventor’s super-machine, she becomes absolutely extraordinary! Her grandson Willard doesn’t know what to think when his frail old granny starts climbing trees, beating him at football and even saving a girl from drowning! This is just the beginning, though, as the inventor who built the super machine has evil plans to take over the world, and Super Gran might be the only one who can stop him.

This hilarious 1980s adventure story is back in print for a new generation of children to enjoy, along with the original illustrations by David McKee.



We have 5 copies of Super Gran to be won! To be in with a chance of winning one, just answer this question:

How did Super Gran get her super powers?

a) She was zapped by a super-machine

b) She fell and banged her head

c) She was bitten by a super-dog

Send your answer to Sarah Mallon at The competition closes on Wednesday 31 August at 5pm. Entrants must reside in the UK. See full Terms and Conditions here. 


Q&A with Forrest Wilson


Who was your favourite superhero when you were growing up?

My favourite superhero I suppose (I've never really thought about it!) would be Superman. But I didn't like the fact that he could do EVERYthing. That's why I deliberately didn't give Super Gran the ability to fly. I tried to just give her normal abilities, but in a super kind of way.


What was it like seeing Super Gran made into a TV programme?

Every author, I'm sure, doesn't like the way TV changes their books. I know some things have to be changed, but they made quite a lot of changes. A friend said she thought it was now too much like a pantomime!


What tips would you give to any aspiring young writers?

I would advise young writers to experience as many different things (pastimes and sports, for example) as possible so that they can incorporate as many different things into their stories.   After I retired, I learned how to play Bowls, Pétanque (French boules), Short Tennis and Ten-pin Bowling. And if I had been able to do these sports when I was writing, I am sure I would have used them, or some of them, in my Super Gran books.


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