Children's Book of the Month: The Cherry Pie Princess

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Book: The Cherry Pie Princess by Vivian French, illustrated by Marta Kissi | Age category: 8-11 years

Princess Peony doesn’t like being a princess very much. She’s not allowed to go anywhere or do anything exciting – she’s even forbidden from going to the library after she borrowed A Thousand Simple Recipes for Pies, Puddings and Pastries.

Peony has had enough of being told what to do by her father the King, but when she tries to stand up to him, things start to go very wrong indeed! Things get even more complicated when the kingdom’s wicked hag tries to disrupt the prince’s christening party, so it’s up to Peony to save the day AND prove herself to her father before it’s too late…

The Cherry Pie Princess is a magical adventure story about what happens when one girl refuses to do as she’s told. This is a funny and exciting fairy tale with a difference!



We have 5 copies of The Cherry Pie Princess to be won! To be in with a chance of winning one, just answer this question:

What book does Princess Peony borrow from the library?

Send you answer to Sarah Mallon at . The competition closes on Friday 31 March at 5pm.


Q&A with Viv French

Do you like to cook like Princess Peony?

No! I'm a hopeless cook ... I can make a good macaroni cheese, but not a lot else. I do like eating other people's cooking, though, and I'm very good at washing up.


What was your favourite fairy tale when you were younger?

Probably Sleeping Beauty ... there are bits of it woven into The Cherry Pie Princess, and The Adventures of Alfie Onion as well. I love the idea of both good and bad fairies at a christening! 


Do you have any tips for aspiring young writers?

Read, read, read, read, read! When you read, you absorb new words into your imagination, and then when you come to write a story you'll have a wonderful stock of fantastic words to choose from! Talking's good too ... you're still using words! 


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