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The Journey by Aaron Becker
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'But picture books are for kids!' I hear you cry. Well, I would argue that picture books are for everyone. You know when you plough through a feel-good book for weeks at a time, just to get to the good stuff at the end? If you read a picture book you can get the equivalent in five minutes! Sometimes you don’t even need words (if you’re really pushed for time); you can read a wordless picture book and marvel at how the beautiful illustrations tell the story on their own.

The Journey
Take The Journey by Aaron Becker for example. You know when you have one of those dreams where you know you are dreaming and can choose which door to go through next? No?... well, anyway, the wee girl in this tells the story by drawing her way to the next scene and the rest of the story unfolds around her – genius, total genius.

Would you consider yourself a reader? I mean, you like reading books in general right? Then A Child of Books is made just for you! Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston use familiar books from childhood such as Alice in Wonderland and scatter the words across the page to make the artwork. It’s like all the classic stories have been decoded to make this one which, too, should become a classic.

The Fox and the Star
How about a beautiful addition to your bookshelf? One of my favourites is The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith – guaranteed you’ll want the end papers as your wallpaper. If you can get it, the hardback version of this is the best. Even without opening the book the texture of the cover is enough to delight.

And if you still need convincing, how about a good old parody? Steven Seagull by Elys Dolan is a hilarious crime fighting gull with a goldfish for a partner and some troublesome villains of the marine variety. This picture book is one for crime fans everywhere. And to be honest, to get most of the jokes, you really need to be an adult. 


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