NaNoWriMo: Still Stuck? SBT Come To The Rescue...Again

Category: Writing

Feeling Stuck? Staff at SBT have some suggestions - some more serious than others - that might help...

Marion Bourbouze (Head of Marketing): Get someone to write your novel for you. Then edit/improve. (Sneaky).

Paul Gallagher (Website Editor): Have several writing projects going on at once, even if there’s one ‘main’ one (e.g. NaNoWriMo) and the others are just for fun. That way when you hit a wall with your big one you can switch to one of the others until inspiration returns.

Chris Leslie (Learning Resource Developer): I tried an exercise from an Open University creative writing workbook a few weeks ago - you start off a story with the words ‘I wish I’d said...’.  It was really good! (Could be a bit depressing though this far through NaNoWriMo).

Megan Primrose (Writer Development Intern): Go to our 'Love to Write' section and try one of the exercises listed in 'Weekly Write'. Doing one of these tasks might free your writing up a bit and get you back into a writing rhythm.