NaNoWriMo: Write What You Want To Read

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My piece of advice is: Write things that you want to read. For example, I read a lot of Crime Fiction, SciFi, Fantasy and Historical Fiction. I generally do not read a lot of what could be classed as Chick Lit or gritty realism: I would have no idea where to start in writing a story about a fiesty but frustrated young heroine, moving to a new town to try and find her place in the world. But, a detective trying to find a killer on a space ship that is going to take two generations to reach its destination – that I might have a stab at (in fact, I really like that idea – notebook!)

This is not about making value judgements on one genre over the other – but rather about recognising that we all know what makes a good story for us! If you don’t want to read what you are writing, why would anyone else?

Tomorrow: Megan Primrose on reading books you'd like to write...

Philippa Cochrane

Philippa Cochrane is SBT's Acting Head of Programme.