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Mum reading to her baby bump

Why it's never too early to share stories with your baby

Early Years expert, Tracy Cooper, explains the benefits of sharing stories and songs with your baby both pre-and post-birth.

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Children playing with tube toy

Making Friends: How Babies and Children Engage with Others

The theme of Bookbug Week this year is Bookbug's Friends. Early Years expert, Tracy Cooper, explores how babies begin forming friendships from birth.

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Baby holding a book and looking at the camera

The Parent Trap: Can You Really Speed Up Your Child’s Development?

Marketers and the media want you to believe there are ways to speed up your baby's development, but is that actually possible? The process is actually simpler than you may think.

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Image of nine new books in the Bookbug Bags

New Bookbug Bags, New Books!

Read all about the new books that will be included in the Bookbug Bags for 2017/18

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Baby reading black and white book

Why Black and White Books are Perfect for Babies

Have you ever noticed how babies are drawn to books with black and white pictures? Although they don’t always appeal to adults, these books capture the attention of babies. Before they’re born, babies can tell the difference between light and dark. At birth, a baby’s eyesight is still developing...

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Mother, baby and toddlers

Preparing Little Ones for a New Arrival

Bringing a new baby into the family has an impact on everyone. Here are some tips from Dr. Christine Puckering on how you can help prepare young children.

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Introducing Babies to Books is About More than Just Reading

The benefits of introducing babies to books go far beyond literacy

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