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Doing Digital: Best Apps for Getting New Writing Started

The thought of starting a big new writing project can be enough to make you want to hide your head under the duvet. Fear not! We have some handy apps to help get your writing going.

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Notebook and phone

Doing Digital: Delving into Digital Notepads

Whether you're scribbling notes for poems and short stories or working on a massive research project for your novel, digital note-taking apps might slot perfectly into your routine.

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Doing Digital: Online Writing Apps to Curb Distractions

Find out if distraction-free online writing apps are just what you need to keep the temptation of aimless web browsing at bay.

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Doing Digital: Using Pinterest as a Digital Mood Board

Writers, go ahead and dive into the digital. Try making a Pinterest mood board for your work.

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Doing Digital: Instagram Stories

Resident digital researcher Miriam Johnson shares some tips on getting started writing stories on Instagram.

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Doing Digital: Writing on Wattpad

Wattpad is all the rage for writers. Find out three key things you need to know before you jump into the world of writing on Wattpad.

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Bird chirping #poetry

Doing Digital: Writing Poetry on Twitter

In our new Doing Digital blog, resident publishing student and poetry scholar Miriam talks about using Twitter as a way to create poetry by utilising the constraints and sending it out into the world.

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