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Black cat on a pile of papers

Tha Gàidhlig gam chuideachadh an t-saoghal fhaicinn bho sealladh cait (Gaelic helps me see the world from a cat’s viewpoint)

Writer June Graham shares her experiences of creating in Gaelic and how those are different to the way she writes in English.

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Baby and Auntie read a book in Gaelic

Bookbug for All: Stories, Songs and Rhymes in Gaelic

Did you know that Bookbug speaks Gaelic too? Find out more about Gaelic Bookbug Sessions, Gaelic Bookbug Bags and songs and rhymes in Gaelic in the Bookbug Song and Rhyme Library.

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Notebook decorated with a map

Writing with Gaelic: A Bilingual Blessing

Award winning writer Donald Murray writes in both Gaelic and English, finding joy in the ability to switch between and appreciate both.

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Monty Dog Gaelic

The Importance of Gaelic Picture Books / Tha Leabhraichean Dhealbhan ann an Gàidhlig Cudromach

Rosemary Ward of The Gaelic Books Council examines why it's important for there to be a range of Gaelic picture books for children in Scotland.

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