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The Skoobmobile - Renfrewshire's library bus

Bedtime Reading on Board the Skoobmobile

The Skoobmobile is Renfrewshire's mobile library service for children and families, and works with large numbers of families each year to enthuse both children and parents about books. In this post, Pauline Simpson tells us more about the Skoobmobile's fantastic bedtime reading project.

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Lynne Rickards in a classroom asking children questions

The Patron of Reading scheme - a Patron's view

The Patron of Reading scheme is a fantastic opportunity for a writer to create a sustained relationship with a school and help them achieve their goals. It's also a great chance to inspire children to develop a love of reading! In this blog post, author Lynne Rickards tells us more about her Patron of Reading post at Comely Park primary school, and gives her advice for a successful relationship with a school.

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Parents and pupils gathered in Comely Park Primary School assembly hall to celebrate the launch of P4's picture book

The Benefits of Having a Patron of Reading

If you want to create a buzz about reading and improve your pupils' writing, the Patron of Reading scheme might just be for you. In this blog post, primary teacher Katrina Lucas explains how having Lynne Rickards as Patron of Reading has energised and excited her pupils, and gives some tips to help you make the most of the initiative.

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Image of an open book with 3D images set against a moody sky, by ClaraDon on Flickr

10 Augmented Reality Apps That Will Amaze You

Augmented reality apps are big on the wow factor - whether you're an adult or a child you'll be amazed by the way they can digitally enhance the real world around us! In this blog post, technology and school libraries consultant Bev Humphrey shares her favourite apps to digitally enhance books. Prepare to be app-solutely amazed (sorry).

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Our Top Five Resources for Reluctant Readers

Every teacher comes across pupils who aren't keen on reading. It can feel like a struggle to get these pupils interested, but don't be disheartened - often it's just a case of finding a different path into reading. In this post you can find out about some fantastic resources SBT has on offer to help you encourage reluctant readers and writers.

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Kincorth Academy pupils

Kincorth Academy and Abbotswell Nursery: A Shared Reading Project

As part of Shared Reading, pupils from Kincorth Academy and Abbotswell Nursery in Aberdeen paired up to share stories and picture books. Alan Clark, Library Resource Centre Coordinator at Kincorth Academy, describes how the Shared Reading project really took off, leading to a very special World Book Day performance.

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SCBA children reading photo

SCBA: What To Read Next

Find out what to read next based on what you enjoyed from the Scottish Children's Book Awards shortlist

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Image of comics by Maya Karmon on Stocksnap

11 Great Graphic Novel Apps

Graphic novels are exploding in popularity right now, both in the physical and digital worlds! In this blog post, school libraries and technology consultant Bev Humphrey gives the lowdown on some of the best graphic novel apps for iOS and Android devices.

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An image from the book

13 Beautifully Illustrated Nursery Rhymes

Over The Hills And Far Away is a new collection of nursery rhymes from across the world, each one accompanied by an image from a different illustrator. The book's creator, Elizabeth Hammill, picks out some gorgeous and intriguing illustrations from the book in this blog post. After you've been dazzled by the images, you can enter our simple competition to win a copy of the book!

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A cat wearing a Santa hat

5 Cracking Christmas Activities for Schools and Libraries

Looking for some Christmassy inspiration for your end of term activities? Here are some gift-wrapped ideas from our Schools team, including a thinly-veiled attempt to eradicate Shakin' Stevens from the nation's collective consciousness

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