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Cropped image of a child reading by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.com

Strategies and Tools for Pupils with Additional Support Needs

Pupils with additional support needs can benefit from a range of different strategies, depending on their particular requirements. In this blog post, Shirley Lawson of CALL Scotland outlines some fantastic strategies, texts and tools that can help pupils with ADHD, dyslexia and autism.

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Pupils from Boclair Academy

7 Teen Books You Need to Read, as Chosen by Pupils from Boclair Academy

Our Pupils Recommend series gives you a great chance to find out what teenagers across the country are reading and enjoying. Check out the latest installment from pupils at Boclair Academy.

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Nicholas Bowling

Nicholas Bowling: do long words make for good writing?

Nicholas Bowling's debut novel, Witchborn, is a dark, twisty and thrillingly original Elizabethan fantasy, exploring true history through a magical lens. In this blog post, Nicholas talks about his time as a teacher, and his belief that complex vocabulary can be a fun and engaging thing for pupils to learn.

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Teenagers at the launch of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize

Helping Reluctant Readers Take Part in a Scottish Teenage Book Prize Book Group

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize is a fantastic project to take part in to encourage your pupils to read for pleasure and allow them to make their voices heard. In this blog post, school librarian Ruth Fry describes how she recruits a mixture of keen and reluctant readers to take part in the reading and voting.

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Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller on Collaborative Writing

Acclaimed novelist Kirsten Miller has been writing collaboratively with actor Jason Segel since their first children's book, Nightmares!, was published in 2014. Now the duo have paired up again to write their first novel for young adults, Otherworld, a futuristic thriller about technology gone horribly wrong. In this interview, Kirsten and Jason tell us more about how they work together.

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Bookbug, the programme mascot, with children on a running track

BPBP: What We Love About the Nominated Titles

Taking part in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize is a fantastic way to set your pupils on the path to becoming lifelong readers. It's nearly time to cast your pupils' votes, and it's free and easy to register them to do so! In this blog post, our staff talk about the things they love about the shortlisted titles, to help your discussions with pupils.

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Cathy MacPhail and The Evil Within

Cathy MacPhail on her adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde for children

Cathy MacPhail's book 'The Evil Within' tells the story of how young Dr Henry Jekyll become Mr Hyde, and introduces Stevenson's classic tale to a young audience. In this interview, we find out more from Cathy about how she created the dyslexia friendly title for publisher Barrington Stoke.

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Ayisha Malik

Ayisha Malik: the way forward for BAME authors and publishing

Ayisha Malik will be appearing in our Authors Live: Unheard Voices event for secondary schools on Thursday 25 January 2018. It's free and easy to sign up to watch the event! To help you and your pupils engage with the event, we asked Ayisha for her thoughts on unheard voices within the writing industry - in particular, BAME authors, whose difficulties have been in the spotlight in the last few years.

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A group of teenagers at the launch of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2018

Find Out More About the Authors Behind Scotland's Top New Teen Books

Taking part in the reading and voting for the annual Scottish Teenage Book Prize is a fantastic way to promote reading for pleasure to your pupils and find out about the hottest new fiction from Scottish writers. To help you find out more about the shortlisted authors, we create special videos every year to give you an insight into their books and reveal their top writing tips.

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Two children sitting on a running track with the three shortlisted books in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize

Taking part in the #Bookbug Prize in Additional Support Needs Settings

It's not too late to register your pupils to vote for the country's favourite picture book in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize! This fantastic project is a great way to build a lifelong love of reading, and in this blog post, Siobhan Fraser of the Mary Russell School tells us how she used the prize to help pupils with additional support needs.

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