'Taylor' made activities for Book Week Scotland

Books to treasure

Here at Taylor High School, our S1/S2 Book Club has been involved in celebrating Book Week Scotland. Each member was asked to bring a book they most treasured. Both pupils and staff were asked to choose a book or books which anyone could read or had a universal quality. Books included My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson, The Enemy by Charlie Higson, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Rodrick Rules by Jeff Kinney. However, for some pupils and staff choosing just one was rather challenging!

The club was able to share memories and celebrate books with one another. One member of the group had brought a book that had been passed down to her from her Grandpa. Another had chosen a book that had been designed especially for her by her parents. Others chose books that got them hooked on reading. We all had lots of fun discussing and debating our various choices, and everyone was extremely passionate about their chosen book. 

I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm displayed by pupils. Some pupils really got into the spirit of the event and chose to write in detail about their favourite book. It was really encouraging to see that everyone had a book that they treasured.

Both pupils and staff were eager to write about the main characters, storyline and favourite characters in their book. This was a wonderful experience for all involved and showed just how passionate our pupils and staff are when it comes to literature. 

This event was such a success that we ran out of time to discuss our books! As a result, we will be discussing them again this week.

Many thanks to Mr Kerr and Mrs Grassam of our English Department, and all of our pupils involved in this wonderful celebration of reading!


Create your own ‘Reading Superhero’

In the lead up to Book Week Scotland, I saw that people were being invited to nominate their own reading heroes, and so I asked S1 pupils to create their own Reading Superhero, as part of a lunchtime craft club activity (this also helped to promote our comic book collection!). They were asked to create a superhero that either promoted the library, had a reading theme or both. Pupils could either draw their own superhero or use a template.

The activity was also chosen because it was a great way to support the creativity of our pupils while encouraging them to come and explore the library. I promoted this lunchtime event during morning registration. 

Pupils were very enthusiastic about this event and around 13 pupils took part. I decided to ask another member of staff, Mr. Kerr of the English department, to judge the competition: this was a great way of getting to know one of our newer members of staff.

In the end though, there were two winners chosen because it was just too difficult to choose only one. Amongst those that stood out was a superhero called ‘Read A Dude’!

Creating a craft superhero was an excellent way to invest in some new artwork for the library walls. It has really given our comic book section in the library a ‘super’ makeover.

Many thanks to Mr. Kerr of the English Department for choosing the most creative superhero and a big well done to all involved!

Anna Leslie

Anna Leslie is the Library Resource Centre manager at Taylor High School in Motherwell.