Sharing Treasured Places at Taylor High School

Pupils and Staff at Taylor High School, New Stevenston, Motherwell have been celebrating Book Week Scotland again! There have been a variety of amazing activities organised by librarian Anna Leslie that focus on the theme of Treasures. She tells us more...

Following on from the success of last year’s My Favourite Place In Scotland project, the Library found another way to creatively support the Social Subjects Department’s unit on Scotland. 

Over the last couple of weeks, pupils were asked to write and design a postcard from a place they treasured most in Scotland: either a place they had visited, or a place they wanted to visit. Pupils wrote postcards featuring a wide range of places across the country, from places such as Loch Ness, St Andrews and Edinburgh. 

Each teacher involved took a slightly different approach. However, all pupils were asked the same four questions:

  1. What was their most treasured place?
  2. Who did they go with?
  3. What did they do there?
  4. Why was it their most treasured place?

A new twist to this year’s activity was choosing a member of staff to write to. Staff said they “felt really privileged to have been chosen.” This was a great opportunity to get the whole school involved.

Some pupils were asked to complete this activity as homework and rewrite it in class. Others were asked to complete the task on the day. Regardless of how each class teacher chose to run the activity, everyone had fun creating these descriptive and fascinating postcards. This activity was really inspirational; the only problem was fitting all the information on one page!

The finished articles were simply amazing, particularly one that came from Oban and was addressed to myself. Being offered an insight into the pupils memories' of outward bound took me back to my own school years. Another memorable postcard was written about Shetland by a pupil who wanted to go after seeing a programme on television about the Scottish Islands. We really got a sense of all the different personalities in the classes and it gave me the perfect opportunity to get to know the current S1s.

Feedback from both pupils and staff was very positive and encouraging: some pupils even wanted to complete their postcards at home! 

Postcards are now being displayed outside the library to share with others.

Many thanks to Mrs Bows and Mr Dale for getting involved in this wonderful activity, and a big well done to all the pupils who completed this activity so enthusiastically!

Anna has written previously for Scottish Book Trust on her activities with book groups for Book Week Scotland 2013.

You can check out the writing resources for both our Treasures and My Favourite Place campaigns in this section of our site. 

Anna Leslie

Anna Leslie is the Learning Resource Centre manager at Taylor High School.