5 Christmas Activities for Schools

Christmas is coming, and undoubtedly some of your pupils' minds (yours too, perhaps) will be wandering towards the festive break. To keep everyone focused in the lead up to the holidays, you can use some of these fun activities to make sure the last few weeks are clad in seasonal attire whilst retaining their educational value. 

Give your favourite character a gift

Get your pupils to show some love to their favourite characters by thinking of something to get them for Christmas

Get your pupils to show some love to their favourite characters by thinking of something to get them for Christmas. What gadget would they give to Alex Rider? What kind of robot would actually be useful to the girl in Robot Rumpus? Get them to write a letter to accompany the gift, telling them more about it, why they have given it and how it can be used.

Make a Christmas Tree from old books

Got some old books hanging around? Use them to make some rather fetching festive decorations by folding each page in half and then cutting the shape of a Christmas tree into them. Lovely! You can see a rather nice example in this blog post, and Bonnybridge library have been kind enough to give us some great photos of a recent book upcycling project they did - see the gallery at the foot of this blog!

Make crackers with literary prizes inside

Use this guide to help you make some Christmas crackers, and then get your pupils to write poems or some flash fiction inside them. Check out our 50 word fiction competition to find out more about flash fiction and find some writing inspiration.

Christmas puppet show

If you want to do a school show but don’t think you’ll have the time or resources, why not get your older pupils to make some finger puppets and put on some Christmas plays for the younger ones? They could tell the story of the nativity, or maybe find out about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries and put on a sketch showing a family celebrating Christmas in a different country.

Give the community a Christmas present

Follow the lead of the Dunbar Reads Together project and make sure that every waiting room in your town is equipped with some great reading for children and adults alike. Ask pupils and their parents to contribute old books, and get your pupils to deliver a batch of them to doctor’s surgeries, train stations and other community waiting areas.

What are your favourite Christmas activities to do with your pupils? Let us know in the comments section below!