Scottish Children's Book Awards: The Ceremony

SCBA Winners by Rob McDougall Photography

Last week, SCBA 2015 came to a grand finale with a wonderful ceremony at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh.  

Schools from across Scotland travelled to the (very pretty) venue in order to attend their showcase. Similar to last year’s format, we held three showcases under the one roof; a sing-along extravaganza for the Bookbug Readers, a quick-fire quiz for the Younger Readers and a book-loving quiz for the Older Readers. Of course, the climax of each showcase was revealing the winning authors and illustrators.

Ross Collins and Sean Taylor won with Robot Rumpus in the Bookbug category, new kid on the block, Alex McCall, won with Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens in the Younger Reader’s category and Cathy MacPhail won with Mosi’s War in the Older Readers category. All three reading categories had a chance to meet and greet the authors as well as having their books signed and of course, the essential and obligatory selfie.

There was a bit of an unintentional robot theme that day but I suppose with two of the winning books covering the theme of robots, it was bound to creep up! A highlight in the Bookbug category was watching the authors move and shake their thing to an interactive robot song; that’s when the rumpus really began! At the same time in the Younger Readers category, appointed quiz members were wrapping each other up in tin foil à la robot chickens whilst groups of fancy dressed safari animals, pirates and fellow robots cheered them on.

There was a little bit more decorum in the Older Readers quiz in the afternoon, beginnig with an in-depth author Q&A and then a quiz packed with haiku rounds and literay questions to make your bookish heart beat. Those older readers love a compeitive quiz and they really knew their stuff; it was great to hear the gasps, cheers, groans and see high-fives dished out when the answers were read aloud.  

There was a fantastic heart-warming din throughout the day; the hustle and bustle of schools arriving, the cheering and applauding, the discussion of books, the sing-songs and the enthusiastic and lively hosting of Paul Kane and Sian Bevan. The day went extremely fast and before we knew it, it was time to pack up… something about time flies when you’re having fun? We most definitely proved that theory correct. Until next year SCBA. Until next year.

You can check out some of the pictures in our gallery below.