Celebrate 200 issues of The Phoenix comic

Cover of the 200th issue of The Phoenix comic

Are you meant to be working? Me too! I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. But if you’re interested in great stories or getting children reading then I promise it’s worth you reading on because I’m about to tell you a bit about The Phoenix weekly story comic.

If you’re interested in great stories or getting children reading then read on

‘What is The Phoenix?’ I hear you cry. Well, The Phoenix is a 32 page weekly comic for boys and girls aged 6-12. We publish serialized adventure stories, funny comics, non-fiction and puzzles and our mission, our sole reason for existing is to delight and inspire our readers every week of the year. Here’s what Mathilde age 8 thinks; ‘When I see a new Phoenix, it’s like there’s a big firework inside me and it goes off, I just have to read it!’

Yesterday we published our 200th issue and are the first independent kids weekly comic to do that since 1969. Hurrah! So I’m delighted to be able to share six of the brilliant comics we publish with you now (it was meant to be five but I couldn’t choose which to cut!) I couldn’t say these are the best we’ve published, that would be like choosing between your own children, but I definitely think they are a brilliant example of what The Phoenix is all about. And most importantly I know that our readers LOVE these comics.  So, in no particular order...

Image of Evil Emperor Penguin
Evil Emperor Penguin
by Laura Ellen Anderson

Meet Evil emperor Penguin. The name says it all. Join this evil mastermind and his cronies, number 8 and the impossibly cute Eugene for some seriously inept world domination plans. Laura is one of the hottest young illustrators in the UK right now. But this is her baby and her passion project and we think EEP could become a major children’s entertainment property in the years to come.


Title image of Mega Robo Bros
by Neill Cameron.

Mega Robo Power Up! Two kids who also happen to be robots, who also happen to be secret agents with awesome robot super powers. Yeah, this is a pretty popular strip loaded with fantastic drama and explosive action but also a lot of incredibly well observed and touching family moments. Neill is a bit of a star. An amazing storyteller who knows exactly what children enjoy reading.


Panel image from Bunny versus Monkey
Bunny vs Monkey
by Jamie Smart

If you read Bunny vs Monkey then prepare for chicken zeppelins, the pig-o-tron 5000, the indestructible Action Beaver and loads more! Jamie’s comics are always the ones children go to first. They are hilarious, witty, perceptive and touching and he does that in 2 pages every week of the year. The guy is a GENIUS!

In fact, if you know a reluctant reader get them a copy of Bunny vs Monkey and witness the change before your eyes.


Panel image from Von Doogan
Von Doogan
by Lorenzo Etherington

Join Von Doogan for a rip-roaring adventure rammed with puzzles you have to solve in order to build the story. These puzzles are inventive, thoughtful, fun to do and always surprising. Loads of them are maths based or use other vital life skills so are a great way to get children using their brains. Lorenzo makes one of these puzzles every week! How he can make such awesome puzzles week after week is perhaps Von Doogan’s greatest mystery, but they’ve been a Phoenix staple ever since we launched and will be for years to come. Oh and they look AMAZING!


Title image from Star Cat
Star Cat
by James Turner

We should all bow down before the fearsome genius of James Turner. Star Cat is so funny, so inventive, so mind bogglingly brilliant that sometimes I can’t read it because I feel like everything after it will be a disappointment. You think I’m joking, I’m not! The crew of the Star Cat bumble their way through space adventures, carried along by Turner’s incredibly warped but brilliant mind. If you can keep a straight face while reading Star Cat then I’ll eat my hat. Hell, I’ll eat everyone’s hats! To get a real taste of this brilliance check out this free digital sample.


Corpse Talk title image
Corpse Talk
by Adam Murphy

If I told you there was a comic that would engage children with some of history’s most interesting men and women, would you want it? Of course you would! And that’s exactly what Corpse Talk is! Adam Murphy digs up and interviews famous Corpses, people like Brunel, Homer, Matisse, Cromwell, Pocahontas and anyone else you can think of. Children love it, parents love it, teachers love it and so they should!

So there you have it. A whistle stop tour through a tiny fraction of what The Phoenix has to offer. I didn’t mention Tamsin and The Deep, Saint Georgia and the Ends of the World, Useleus, Troy Trailblazer or countless others. I guess you’ll just have to grab a copy of The Phoenix! For yourself!

Issue 200 of The Phoenix is available in WHSmiths from Thursday 29th October. To read a free issue and for a range of gift subscriptions visit The Phoenix website.

Tom Fickling

Tom Fickling is the editor of The Phoenix comic.