7 Fantastic Library Displays

Grange Academy librarian June Reid has created some fantastic library displays, reflecting the fact that the library is an exciting and inclusive place with something for everyone. We love to see this kind of creativity; the value of eye-catching and intriguing displays can't be underestimated. And as you'll see, they're highly informative too! June explains more below, including how some of these displays were set up to celebrate Book Week Scotland 2015.


Staff childhood favourites and 'Desert Island Books'

Display of staff childhood favourites

Display of staff's Desert Island Books

Staff at Grange Academy were happy to share their favourite childhood books and their 'desert island book' for Book Week Scotland! I set up a display of the book titles alongside the staff members who chose them, adapting the book covers so they popped out of the wall. I used building blocks and balls for the childhood display, and a palm tree complete with home-made coconuts for the 'desert island books' display. This drew a lot of interest from both staff and pupils.


Display of Mystery Books
Mystery Books

This is the second year we've run the mystery book event. I chose books from the library that I knew were excellent, mixing current popular fiction and authors who were not necessarily in fashion but I knew were good. These 150-plus books were wrapped up with a general genre sticker on front, e.g. war, girly, adventure, etc. I ran this event for a fortnight to allow all S1 and S2 classes to take part. This proved very successful with pupils and led to them experiencing and enjoying a range of new authors and genres. I plan to run this event every year during Book Week Scotland!


Basket of Journeys books
Free copies of Journeys

Again for Book Week Scotland, I set up a small display at the reception desk, inviting school visitors to take a copy of the free Journeys book away with them.



This was based loosely on the London Tube maps. Each line is a different colour for a different genre: red is romance, black is adventure, and so on. Each station is an author in that genre. This was created using Publisher and looks great from a distance!

Display of cool reads


Cool Reads

Each book cover has a melting ice cream effect superimposed on top and an ice-lolly stick has been added to complete the look!


Football biographies and football fiction

Display of football biographies

To encourage boys to read more in the library, we set up football displays, with a grass tablecloth in the background to make it more eye-catching. The books we promoted included stories featuring football and footballers' biographies.


Crossword display

Crossword display

The idea behind this was to promote the services and resources offered by the library and to encourage pupils to take ownership of the facility. Each line of the crossword spells out the name of a service the library can offer, e.g., encyclopedias, blog, internet literacy, etc.


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June Reid

June Reid is the school librarian at Grange Academy.