#BookbugPrize: How to Link Voting with Numeracy

One of the most exciting parts of participating in The Bookbug Picture Book Prize for children is getting to vote for their favourite out of the three books to help decide the winner! Over the years, we’ve seen so many great ideas of how to make the voting process even more exciting, but in this blog I want to focus specifically on creative ways to combine voting and numeracy.

Don't forget that this year we have an earlier voting deadline, so be sure to submit your votes by Friday 8 December at 5pm. If you aren’t quite sure how to cast your votes on our website, I’ll run through that at the end of this post. But first, here are 5 ways you can link voting for The Bookbug Picture Book Prize to numeracy.


Count out the votesCrosshouse Ballot Box

Why not make your class vote like a real-life election by making ballot boxes for your little voters? I love this ballot box that Crosshouse Primary School in East Kilbride used for their voting. You could make a separate box for each book, or just one box for all of the ballot papers.

Once the children have finished voting, make counting the votes aloud a class activity. This will help involve the children in all of the excitement of the vote and is a quick and easy way to link in numeracy skills.


Bantaskin Tally MarksUse tally marks

Once you have your votes, you can think about how to display them.

Last year we heard that Bantaskin Primary School in Falkirk were recording their results using tally marks in a frequency table – a great way to combine voting with learning a new numeracy skill!



Make a bar graph

A bar graph is a fun and colourful way to display your results. If the pupils haven’t seen a bar graph before, you could even make a 3D one using building blocks to represent each vote. This could help them visualise the link between the votes and the graph.


Talk about the results

Once you have displayed the results, talking about what they mean is a great way to keep the numeracy momentum going! You could ask the children to talk or write about what book is the most popular and the least popular, and compare the results to another class in the school.


For older childrenShared Reading credit Paul Watt

Older children who are involved in the prize through shared reading might already be confident in the numeracy activities above, but you can still link their votes with numeracy.

The results of general elections that they might have seen reported on TV will be given in percentages, so why not ask the pupils to work out what percentage of the class voted for each book? They could even present these results to other classes in an assembly as a mini news report.


Hopefully these suggestions have inspired you to integrate numeracy into your voting this year. As you can see, we love to hear from schools around Scotland to see how they are using The Bookbug Picture Book Prize in their classrooms, so please keep in touch with us! Share your photos of reading, voting, counting and other activities #BookbugPrize on Twitter.


How to cast your votes online

If you are registered to participate in the prize, you should have received an email with your unique voting link and instructions, but if you can’t find it, here’s my quick guide on how to vote without your own link:


1. On the Scottish Book Trust website, click on Log in, which is in the top right-hand corner of the screen

2. Enter the email address which you used to register to vote in this year’s Bookbug Picture Book Prize and your password. If you don’t remember your password, simply click the ‘Forgotten password’ link. You will then receive an email with a link to get into your account and create a new password

3. You should now be at your account page. Click on the projects tab above your name to see all of the great projects you have been involved with through Scottish Book Trust. At the top of the list, you should see your voting link for the 2018 Bookbug Picture Book Prize.

4. Click on this link and fill in the number of votes for each book, then click Submit votes to help decide this year’s winner!


If you have trouble voting, please contact Sarah Mallon on 0131 524 0174 or sarah.mallon@scottishbooktrust.com.


Happy voting! We can’t wait to announce the winner on 15 January 2018.