Cross-curricular Learning with the Scottish Teenage Book Prize

If you want to give your book group or class a meaningful and fun learning experience with reading at the heart, then the Scottish Teenage Book Prize is what you’ve been looking for.

It’s free and easy to take part in the reading and voting, and with three fantastic page turners to get stuck into, it’s a great chance to get teens talking about books. You still have time to get started - the voting deadline is February 17 2017.

Learning resources for #ScotTeenBookPrize

We offer a free learning resource with lots of activity ideas to help librarians and teachers bring the books to life

What a lot of people don’t know is that we offer a free learning resource with lots of activity ideas to help librarians and teachers bring the books to life. Whether you’re looking for some fun ideas for a themed book group meeting, or you want to use aspects of the books as jumping off points for cross-curricular learning, the resource is well worth diving into.

So what kind of things can you do?

For an introduction to the authors and their books, our Scottish Teenage Book Prize author videos are a brilliant start: You'll get to meet each author and hear them reading from their book.

For starters, Keith Gray’s chilling story, The Last Soldier, gives you a great chance to explore how to adapt a scene into a film, investigating the conventions of horror filmmaking. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more light-hearted for a book group meeting, you could always celebrate the Deep South setting by making some corn bread!

Joan Lennon says that her novel Silver Skin is a ‘sci-fi historical adventure romance’. As you can imagine, this story of a time traveller trapped in Neolithic Orkney gives teens plenty of opportunities for research projects. Why not try researching some famous disappearing towns and civilisations and producing a podcast?

Finally, Claire McFall’s Black Cairn Point has an ending that's sure to inspire debate amongst readers, and this can lead nicely to some story writing, talking about the different ways you can approach endings. You could also get your group to read and recommend other supernatural horror, or compile a chilling soundtrack for the Black Cairn Point movie and discuss their choices.

Graphic novel and book tailer competitions

Of course, you can also enter our competitions! We’re challenging teens to adapt a scene from one of the books into comic format. Also, our book trailer competition encourages them to make a short trailer for one of the books. Check out last year’s winning entries* for some great exemplars! Both competitions are also supported by activity packs and tutorial videos.

Hopefully it's clear that the #ScotTeenBookPrize can be whatever you need it to be. If you just want a way to get pupils reading, discussing and voting for books, then it's tailor made for that. If you want to use it as the springboard for cross-curricular learning, there's plenty of opportunities there. So get reading, discussing, investigating, filming, drawing... whatever takes your fancy!

*The Scottish Teenage Book Prize was previously known as the Scottish Children's Book Awards. Just to avoid confusion.