See the Winning Book Trailers and Comic Strips from #ScotTeenBookPrize

The wait is finally over, and today we have finally revealed the winning author in the 2017 Scottish Teenage Book Prize! We're also really excited to reveal the winners of our graphic novel and book trailer competitions.

If you're inspired to get your pupils creating book trailers and comic strips, we've got some fantastic resources to help you do just that:


Book Trailer Competition - Winners and Highly Commended

Winners - Cody, Amy, Mirrin and Ava from St. Joseph's Academy, Kilmarnock

When judging book trailers, we're looking at three areas: content, cinematography and structure. But we're not just looking for trailers that make use of, say, flashy editing just for the sake of it. The pupils' use of sound, lighting, editing and any other technique has to serve the trailer and effectively convey an aspect of the book.

We loved this trailer's opening, which set the scene and atmosphere really well. The pupils' sparing use of dialogue from the book makes the whole thing feel sinister. Character is well established early on in the trailer, and camera angles and movement are both used well to capture drama and tension. Finally, we loved the editing at the end, with the characters being picked off one by one. Like all the trailers in this list, the pupils showed a very solid grasp of what a trailer is supposed to do: they've given away hardly any of the plot but created a very strong sense of atmosphere and conflict, making viewers keen to read the book and find out what happens!


Highly Commended - Eilidh Angus, Nicole Watt and Connor Muir from Elgin Academy

Our panel loved the clever use of props to establish the setting of the book in this trailer, and the use of effects and lighting at the end was stunning!


Highly Commended - Fing Phannich, Jamie Richards, Ibrahim Beg, Daniel Thomson and Aiden Smith from Elgin Academy

Our panel felt this trailer got better and better the more it went on, with some highly effective and creative camera shots towards the end.


Highly commended - Sarah Poole, Carla Duffy and Shonagh McGee from St. Joseph's Academy, Kilmarnock

Another really strong trailer with some great acting/direction. Really well structured and shows a great sense of how much of the plot to reveal.


Graphic Novel Competition

Winner - Nicole Watt, Elgin Academy (click here to see full-size comic strip)

The entries for our graphic novel competition were strong across the board, with pupils showing an extremely good grasp of how storytelling devices are used in a comic.

Overall, though, this comic strip told its story in the most arresting way. We loved the close up at the start and the shot of the hand snatching the file away is loaded with meaning. The use of text for exposition is really well judged - it's only used when necessary, and the visual storytelling does the rest. It's a tense and mysterious re-telling, and we were seriously impressed.


2nd place - Jaden Green, Forfar Academy (click here to see full-size comic strip)

This comic strip recreated a visually complex scene in a way that was easy to follow. We like the clever use of a diagonally split panel at the start, meaning every character's face could be seen at a moment of heightened tension.


3rd place - Morven Ross, Elgin Academy (click here to see full-size comic strip)

The consistency of the style of this comic strip was the main reason we liked it so much, but there's also much to like about the use of panels and emanata. It's really clear that lots of thought went in to this.

So there you have it - plenty to pore over! We hope you're inspired to enter next year's competitions. We'll be featuring interviews with some of the teachers and pupils involved in these entries over the coming weeks and months so you can find out more about how they ran their projects and the kind of thinking behind these comics and trailers. You can tweet your congratulations to St. Joseph's Academy, Elgin Academy and Forfar Academy, then check out the resources mentioned at the top of this post to help you start creating your own trailers and comics, ready for the competitions to open again in the autumn term...