Use Our Resources to Make the Most of The Bookbug Picture Book Prize

Taking part in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize is a great opportunity to build a love of reading from an early age.

Children of any age can take part in the reading and voting for the Prize. Primary 1 children across the country are especially lucky, as they'll receive all three shortlisted books as part of the Primary 1 Family Bag. The aim of the bag is to help parents become involved in their children's learning and build closer links between the home and school. The bags are delivered to Scottish primary schools during October, and we recommend that you gift them to pupils during Book Week Scotland (27 November to 3 December). But before the bags go home with the pupils, you can use them in school by introducing pupils to the three shortlisted books, voting in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize and doing learning activities inspired by the book.

We provide a lot of resources to help you take part in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize, and also to help you make the most of the Primary 1 Family Bag if you're a P1 teacher. Read on and find out more!

Activity pack for the shortlisted books

Each year we produce an activity pack full of cross-curricular activity ideas inspired by the three shortlisted books. Pupils tend to be even more excited about getting the books to take home if they've had a lot of exposure to them in school, and doing learning activities based on the books is a great way to give them this exposure - check out this case study for a good example. This year, example activities include:

  • Planning a party for the new baby owl, inspired by Little Owl's Egg
  • Writing posters in Scots, inspired by The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee
  • Using Gorilla Loves Vanilla to spark conversations about sharing and difference

At the end of the activity pack, you'll find modified activities for pupils with additional support needs. The activities are modified by our partners at CALL Scotland, who also create...

Accessible versions of the books, and symbolised resources

CALL Scotland are an organisation who specialise in using technology to assist those with communication difficulties. Each year they provide accessible digital versions of the shortlisted books - these are available on request. They also provide fantastic symbol sheets which aid discussion, reading and voting. Find out more about how you can get your hands on these resources in this blog post.

Quick printable activity sheets

Sometimes you just don't have the time to plan anything extensive, and you need quick, ready-to-launch activities based on the books. No problem: on the resources page, you'll find a zip folder with three very quick, fun activities to do with pupils. These are particularly good if you've got pupils visiting your library and you want to do an activity for each book in the short time available.

Videos of the authors reading their books

Want your pupils to 'meet' the shortlisted authors and illustrators? Our videos of the books being read by their creators always go down a treat. They're a particularly good way of making sure everyone has access to the stories.

Case studies 

If you're a Primary 1 teacher, or a librarian partnering up with schools to gift the Primary 1 Family Bag, you can check our case studies for inspiration.

If you've got pupils of any age taking part in the reading and voting for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize, there's plenty of inspiration to be had from our blog posts about the Prize - you can find them all here, including those from previous years which give ideas about how to make the most of the voting in particular.

We hope this gives you all the help you need to take part in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize, and to make the most of the Primary 1 Family Bag. Don't forget that if your pupils read the shortlisted books, and if you do activities based around them, you can record all of this as part of an entry for the First Minister's Reading Challenge, which is now open to P1-P7. Check out this video to find out more about the First Minister's Reading Challenge.

Happy reading and voting!