Matthew Fitt Presents a Fantastic Scots Writing Website and Competition

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SKOOSH! is an exciting new online collection of poems, stories, monologues and plays by young writers - and they're all written in our very own, brilliant Scots language.

Some people call Scots 'slang'. Others say it's a dead language and there's no point in it anyway. But when young people who speak Scots find out they can write in Scots too, it can often give a massive boost to their confidence. For some young folk, writing in Scots can be the one thing that really inspires them to be better writers, readers and learners. The Scottish Government recently published a report that supports the view that Scots can be a powerful learning tool.

SKOOSH! is part of the Scots Hoose website. Funded by Creative Scotland and led by myself, Matthew Fitt, Scots Hoose has got all you need to learn about starting to write in Scots. There are tips, ideas, songs, information, films and muckle mair - and now lots of great new writing by school pupils ready for you to read on SKOOSH!

Some writing examples

Maybe you're in the mood for a poem like Fit why nae? by Kiera Mitchell from Banff Academy...

I dina understan fit why nae?
Why can I nae?
I'll easy manage!
"No yi winna," she keeps tellin ma....

Or do you no fancy a story like the one called Tam by Liam Cunningham from Bellshill Academy?

A goat the biggest fright ae ma life. A wiz hinkin thit a wiz goin tae git ma heid tain clean aff wae ma wife. A wiz really gutted thit a wiz goan back tae ma wife, it wiz as if a wiz pure terrified ae ir, almost like a wiz in an abusive relationship the wiy thit a wiz hinkin.

Maybe a monologue like Bungee by Adrian Grubb from Kirkcaldy High School?

A mind the time whin ma Maw wis dain a bungee jump for charity. A went tae watch 'er, but as soon is a got oot the car, ma Maw's pal Emma who was practically running it, came up tae me sayin that ma uncle had backed oot at the last minute. She looked right at me and asked, 'Dae you want tae dae it, son?'

Or how about plays like Mash Up, which was written by pupils at Ayr Academy?

Eilidh: If that wee dafty wants tae go, ah will go!

Jennifer begins to walk away

Robert: Where dae you hink you’re goan?

Claire: She doesn’t want to fight, she’s not like that.

Eilidh: You shut it! Naebody wanted your input.


Submit your writing to SKOOSH!

SKOOSH! is always looking for new Scots writing. It doesn't matter where you live. It doesn't matter which dialect of Scots you know. You can write in Scots just as well as anyone. If you've got a poem, a story, a monologue or a play and it's in Scots, we'd love to read it and maybe publish it online on SKOOSH! Send your writing to

And if you're not sure how to get started or what to write about or even what the Scots language really is, visit Scots Hoose, Scotland's best resource for learning and creativity in the Scots language.


A fantastic competition from Education Scotland

Education Scotland's Scots Writing Competition is another brilliant chance to get your writing seen by others. If you're thinking of entering, then visiting the SKOOSH! and Scots Hoose websites is an absolute huvty! The competition is looking for stories or poems written in Scots, and is accepting entries up until the 23 November.

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Matthew Fitt

Matthew Fitt is a novelist, poet and champion of the Scots language. He's the co-founder of the award-winning imprint, Itchy Coo and and often advises the Scottish Government on developing Scots language policy. You can learn more about him at his website.