Our Author Visit: Serious Fun!

In September, Comely Park Primary School in Falkirk enjoyed a visit from the amazing author and screenwriter Ciaran Murtagh. The Primary 6 class enjoyed themselves so much, they wrote reviews and have retold the story created with Ciaran during the event. Class teacher Katrina Lucas introduces the wonderful pupil reviews.

Serious fun! Two words to sum up our amazing writing workshop with best-selling author and anarchic dictionary user Ciaran Murtagh. Ciaran had his audience of P4-7 children as well as their teachers in the palm of his hand throughout the session. Using a delightfully expert mix of humour and practical writing tips, he inspired us all to not only hit the bookshops and library shelves afterwards, but also to express ourselves confidently through writing - as the children’s reviews clearly show! A real hit with the young and young at heart, all I would say is give Ciaran’s books a go. And if he is visiting a school near you prepare to be laughing all the way to the thesaurus!

Pupil Reviews

Comely Park Loved It!

On Friday 15th September a very famous author Ciaran Murtagh came to Comely Park Primary School to see P4-7 for a special writing workshop. All of the pupils (and staff!) laughed, giggled and smiled!Comely Park pupils

Ciaran gave some key tips and they were: don’t always go for your first idea as your second idea might be better; the title should tell the reader what the story is about; if you don’t like the story then change it!; spelling can be fixed at the end; and here is a tip you won’t forget… don’t write about fluffy clouds!

Ciaran has written over 37 books like Stuntboy, Prom King, Action Hero, Megastar, Dinopants and even Dinopoo! Ciaran said he was a screenwriter too! He wrote The Amazing World of Gumball, Shaun the Sheep and many more! I hope Ciaran liked it because Comely Park loved it! We hope you come back soon Ciaran! It was… FINCREDIBLE!

By Daniel, age 10



On Friday 15th September Ciaran Murtagh did a writing workshop at Comely Park Primary School. Ciaran astonished primary 4-7 by telling them he writes wonderful TV programmes such as The Amazing World of Gumball, Shaun the Sheep, The 4 O’clock Club and Diddy TV. He explained that he had written 37 books! Ciaran then gave us tips for writing stories. There included: use a dictionary to choose random words to help build a catchy title; the title should tell the reader what the story is about; if you don’t like the story you are writing then stop and change it; and think about genre when deciding your title. We then made a story using some of those tips.

Next, Mr Murtagh got a dictionary and a member of the audience came up to Ciaran and Ciaran flicked through a dictionary and the pupil shouted “stop!”. Then Ciaran would rip the page out of the dictionary so if he did this with another school he would have a new page of words and not get the same ideas from the one we chose. He called himself a book murderer! After the pupil had chosen two words, Ciaran went round other pupils giving them two words on the page to choose. Ciaran stopped when we had made five titles and we had to vote on our favourite. The title that came out top was The Screaming Sellotape. The genre we chose was horror. Then Ciaran created a bit of the story and we did a bit.

Ciaran Murtagh at Comely ParkThe Screaming Sellotape: There was a girl called Claire. Claire lived a normal life just like everybody else. She, however, was often angry as her brother kept stealing her sellotape and using it to make tape balls. One day Claire simply couldn’t take it anymore and went to the shop down the road and asked the old lady behind the counter for some sellotape. The old lady asked Claire why and the girl explained that her brother keeps stealing it. After Claire finished the lady gave her a magic roll of sellotape. When Claire asked what it did, the old woman replied “If your brother steals this sellotape, he will never steal it again”. Spooky! Claire ate her breakfast slowly and bragged to her brother about the sellotape, urging him to steal it. She was still eating when she heard a scream. It was coming from upstairs. Claire thundered up the stairs and blasted the door open to find her brother hair missing! Claire couldn’t help but laugh. But the sellotape wasn’t finished. It turned on Claire and waxed her hair too!

What a story with a surprising ending! Ciaran Murtagh, screenwriter for children’s TV and author left P4-7 simply buzzing for the rest of that Friday! WOW!

By Alistair, age 10



Last Friday the FINCREDIBLE bestselling children’s author Ciaran Murtagh came to Comely Park Primary School. The Scottish Book Trust had organised a writing workshop for P4-7. As well as writing book’s Ciaran has also wrote TV programmes including Mr Bean and The Amazing World of Gumball. He has written 37 books including Stuntboy: The Fincredible Diary and Megastar: The Fincredible Diary.

In my opinion Ciaran was FINCREDIBLE. After being announced by the amazing Miss Lucas, he jumped right into showing us his books. He gave everyone a good laugh and everyone was able to relax and enjoy.

Ciaran then went on to give everyone some top tips including if you don’t like the story your writing stop and change it.

We jumped into writing our own story with Ciaran called The Screaming Sellotape, The genre of the story was horror requested by Daniel from our class. The moral of the story was to be careful what you wish for.Comely Park audience!

Ciaran then went on to answer questions. There were many hands up and a lot of questions were answered. At the very end Ciaran was selling and signing his books and there was a long line of people.

In my opinion it was a success. Ciaran was amazing and so entertaining and everyone was able to enjoy it.

By Sophie, age 9


A Fincredible Visit!

Last Friday 15th September 2017 P4-7 got a visit from a special author and screenwriter Ciaran Murtagh. He was such a good author. I think everyone was incredibly excited for Ciaran’s visit. He started off by telling everyone the secrets for writing, such as don’t always go for your first idea, your later ones are better and the title should tell the reader what the story is about and think about genre when deciding on your title. Then Ciaran started to be a comedian and said funny stuff about TV and also his books.

Then he started to write a story with us. It was about a girl who had some sellotape. Her brother always steals the sellotape. One day her brother was taking all the sellotape and she was sick of it. So she went to the shop to buy more and the lady gave her magic sellotape. And she took it. She put it in her drawer and was bragging about it at the table. Her brother heard what she was saying and he ate his dinner quickly and rushed to get it! Upstairs he took the sellotape and pulled it and all his hair came off! His sister heard a scream “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”! She saw his bald head but then the sellotape turned on her and pulled her hair off as well!

After that the session was over but we did get to buy books such as Prom King, Action Hero, Megastar and Stuntboy. They are all in the same series called The Fincredible Diary of Fin Spencer. Then we got the books signed by Ciaran. I think that this as a Fincredible visit for P4-7 from Ciaran Murtagh.

By Euan, age 9

Katrina Lucas

Katrina Lucas is a teacher at Comely Park Primary School in Falkirk.