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It's nearly time to cast your votes in this year's Bookbug Picture Book Prize, and we're probably as excited about it as you are! So excited, in fact, that we couldn't help singing the praises of all the shortlisted titles. Find out what we love best about each one.

Cover of Gorilla loves Vanilla

Gorilla Loves Vanilla by Chae Strathie and Nicola O'Byrne

When I was about 4 I used to pretend I had an ice cream shop and would ‘make’ ice cream for my toys. This book totally reminds me of that and is exactly the kind of shop I wished I had had! A fun book with great illustrations. - Ruth Boreham, Early Years Outreach Administrator

Gorilla Loves Vanilla has such great language. It’s fun, bouncy and reads aloud really well. I love the crazy flavour combinations – and Sam’s willingness to rustle up what the customer wants – without judging! Although, like Gorilla, I love vanilla ice cream and sometimes just want a classic. None of this fancy schmancy for me. - Tracy Cooper, Early Years Programme Development Manager

I love the rhythm and rhyme of this story – it’s a great one to read aloud together with everyone joining in at the repeated parts. - Sarah Mallon, Schools Programme Administrator

I love all the disgusting and weird ice cream combinations, (and the excellent video that goes along with the resources!) especially as they all share the best one at the end! - Antonia Clark, Attainment Programmes Manager

Cover of Little Owl's Egg
Little Owl's Egg
by Debi Gliori and Alison Brown

I have used this with my 5-year-old nephew, who is currently waiting the arrival of his baby sister. We had great fun imaging what it would be like to have different types of siblings!  Beautiful illustrations. - Ruth Boreham, Early Years Outreach Administrator

I love all the different suggestions of what might be inside the egg. I wouldn’t mind having an elephant as a younger brother, or a baby Wormy Choco-Penguin Crocophant Dragowl as a sibling! - Hannah Sycamore, Schools Events Administrator

This story manages to perfectly capture the mixed emotions which can accompany a new arrival, with a lovely heart-warming ending. - Sarah Mallon, Schools Programme Administrator

I really love how Debi Gliori has created a story which is funny and touching at the same time, and the illustrations of Little Owl angrily stamping his feet at the news of a new baby owl are hilarious! - Chris Leslie, Schools Resource Developer

Fourth Bonniest Baby cover
The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee 
by Michelle Sloan and Kasia Matyjaszek

The illustrations in this book are so full of life and packed full of funny details, adding extra layers to the story. - Sarah Mallon, Schools Programme Administrator

There are several things I love about this book: the illustrations are so vibrant and full of energy and there’s lots to look at on each page. Full of loads of braw Scots words, children will love the richness of the language. It’s also a fun story which celebrates taking part even if you don’t win! - Kirsty Sinclair, Early Years Operations Manager

I really like the illustration- it’s so colourful! My favourite illustration has to be when they are running into town and the rain is pouring down in sheets! - Hannah Sycamore, Schools Events Administrator 

The catastrophes that happen before they can get the baby to the competition are really funny. Kasia’s illustrations are lovely. - Antonia Clark, Attainment Programmes Manager

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Every Primary 1 pupil in Scotland will receive these three books in their Bookbug Primary 1 Family bag


How to cast your votes online

If you are registered to participate in the prize, you should have received an email with your unique voting link and instructions, but if you can’t find it, here’s our quick guide on how to vote without your own link:


1. On the Scottish Book Trust website, click on Log in, which is in the top right-hand corner of the screen

2. Enter the email address which you used to register to vote in this year’s Bookbug Picture Book Prize and your password. If you don’t remember your password, simply click the ‘Forgotten password’ link. You will then receive an email with a link to get into your account and create a new password

3. You should now be on your account page. Click on the projects tab above your name to see all of the great projects you have been involved with through Scottish Book Trust. At the top of the list, you should see your voting link for the 2018 Bookbug Picture Book Prize.

4. Click on this link and fill in the number of votes for each book, then click Submit votes to help decide this year’s winner!


If you have trouble voting, please contact Sarah Mallon on 0131 524 0174 or sarah.mallon@scottishbooktrust.com.


Happy voting! We can’t wait to announce the winner on 15 January 2018. 


Don't forget that we've got videos of the authors reading their books out in full, and learning resources to help you plan cross curricular activities inspired by the books! You can also find out about all the resources for Additional Support Needs, including accessible versions of the books, in this blog post.