Find Out More About the Authors Behind Scotland's Top New Teen Books

Taking part in the reading and voting for the annual Scottish Teenage Book Prize is a fantastic way to promote reading for pleasure to your pupils and find out about the hottest new fiction from Scottish writers. It's free and easy to take part - you just sign your pupils up via our site, and then ask them to read the three books and vote on their favourite. We've got learning resources with suggested activities to make the most of the books, lots of blog posts to let you know how other people are approaching the Prize, and two great writing competitions to enter.

In addition, to help you find out more about the shortlisted authors, we create special videos every year to give you an insight into their books and reveal their top writing tips. Here's a taster of what to expect:

Danny Weston (shortlisted for The Haunting of Jessop Rise)

Danny Weston is a previous winner of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize for the supremely chilling The Piper, so he should know a thing or two about how to write a suspenseful ghost story. In this video, you can pick up his top tips for creating suspense and keeping your reader on the edge of their seat - and find out about his own brush with the paranormal too...


Caighlan Smith (shortlisted for Children of Icarus)

Caighlan's dystopian fantasy novel Children of Icarus brings us face-to-face with a terrifying cast of monsters in a nightmarish maze. So how did Caighlan come up with all those monsters? How good would she be in hand-to-hand combat with them? And what are her top tips for building fictional worlds? Find out in this video!


Elizabeth Laird (shortlisted for Welcome to Nowhere)

Elizabeth Laird
Elizabeth Laird, previously shortlisted for The Witching Hour and The Prince Who Walked With Lions, is back with one of her most powerful offerings yet. Welcome to Nowhere is a harrowing yet hopeful tale of one family's experience during the Syrian conflict. In Elizabeth's videos, you can find out about the conversations she had with refugees of the crisis, and how these conversations breathed life into the characters in her story.


So head on over to the videos page for a chance to meet these three fantastic authors - and if your pupils are feeling inspired to write, don't forget about our two fabulous competitions!