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Pupils from Elgin Academy reading in Blackwell's book shop

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize - A Fantastic Cross-Curricular Opportunity

Elgin Academy tell us how they took on the role of Scottish Teenage Book Prize Schools Champion, harnessing the theme of children's rights to set up some fantastic work across the curriculum.

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Joseph Coelho

'Look who's cool in the pool': Joseph Coelho on making poetry fun

Do you or your pupils see poetry as lofty, intellectual and off-putting? You're not alone - but as children's poet Joseph Coelho points out, such ideas are often misplaced. In this blog post, Joseph suggests some new ways of thinking about poetry to help you and your pupils approach it confidently and with an open mind.

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Linni Ingemundsen

5 Brilliant Teen Coming-of-Age Novels

Linni Ingemundsen is the author of The Unpredictability of Being Human, the story of a teenage girl's attempts to come to terms with a turbulent adolescence. In this blog post, Linni shares her top stories about teens coming of age.

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Spyquest author David Goutcher with pupils from Craigbank Primary School

Engaging Pupils with Spyquest Gaming and Books

Spyquest is an online game and book series which has been switching pupils on to reading all across the country. In this blog post, teacher Fiona McLaren tells us how Spyquest has captured the imagination of pupils at Craigbank Primary School in Larkhall.

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Sarah Shaffi

Sarah Shaffi: Developing Opportunities for BAME Writers

Our Authors Live: Unheard Voices event is (now available on demand) features a panel of three writers speaking about the struggle to make a diverse range of voices heard in the writing industry. In the latest of our blog series to support the event, journalist Sarah Shaffi speaks about what a truly representative UK publishing industry might look like, and outlines some positive developments.

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A ballot box with a pupil posting their vote

Scottish Teenage Book Prize: Voting deadline and discussion tips

Taking part in the Scottish Teenage Book Prize is a great way to introduce pupils to some fantastic new Scottish titles and kick off some book-related discussion. It's nearly time to vote in this year's prize, so to help you along, we've put together a few discussion points for your final book group meetings!

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Cover of The Rise of Wolves by Kerr Thomson, cropped

Kerr Thomson: 5 tips for using nature to inspire your writing

Award-winning children's author Kerr Thomson has always drawn inspiration from the natural world. In this blog post, young writers can find out his top tips to turn outdoor adventures into fuel for writing.

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Alex Wheatle

Alex Wheatle: how my teenage years in care influenced my writing

To help you and your pupils engage with our Authors Live:Unheard Voices panel event, we asked panelist and author Alex Wheatle to tell us about his childhood experiences and how he makes his voice heard.

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Pupils celebrating project

Oceans and Sustainability: Creative Learning at Castleton Primary

Primary 4 pupils from Castleton Primary School in Castlemilk, Glasgow were our Schools Champion for Nicola Davies's Authors Live. Inspired by Nicola Davies’s book, Dolphin Baby, the class explored the ocean during an excellent, cross-curricular project.

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Non Pratt

Non Pratt: Capturing Teen Friendships in Second Best Friend

Teen friendships can be tough, and as YA author Non Pratt says in this interview, it's often a challenge for friends to stick together through times of change. Find out about Non's new book, Second Best Friend, and her thoughts on capturing teen friendships in this blog post.

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