Teachers & Librarians

SCBA checklist: 5 things you need to do

How to get your students ready for this year Scottish Children's Book Awards

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Glenlee Primary Comics

Cartoonists or Authors?

One teacher uses comic art to inspire writing

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Readers of Dunbar, united!

Tales from the Classroom: Dunbar's Reading Revolution

How Lindsey Barley of Dunbar Primary created a buzz about reading

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SCBA 2012, photo by Rob McDougall

5 Reasons to take part in SCBA

Jasmine Fassl, Head of our Schools team, on how to get the most out of the 2013 awards

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Polly Dunbar Long Nose Puppets

Making Arthur's Dream Boat sail

A BBC producer takes us behind the scenes of the latest Authors Live event

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art work from an S1 pupil at Alva Academy

Zom B English and Art Collaborative Project, Part 3

Using the work of artist Joseph Cornell to explore character in Darren Shan's Zom-B

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Pink! The Musical: Creating Costumes

Lynne Rickards on the challenge of properly outfitting Pink!

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Storm Singing cover

Unlocking the Writer Inside: Being Someone Else!

Exercise your creativity by stepping into someone else's shoes

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Pink! The Musical: Getting Started

Author Lynne Rickards finds out what it takes to turn a book into a musical

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Humpty Dumpty

What came first: Humpty Dumpty or the egg?

How do we all instinctively know Humpty Dumpty is an egg? Tracy Lowe investigates

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