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Image of the Life Mound at Jupiter Artland

Take Creative Writing Outdoors!

"I can't think of an ything to write!" If you've ever heard this from a pupil, and wondered how to spur them on, Juniper Green Primary took an approach that might solve the problem. Chris Leslie from our Learning team recently visited Juniper Green to find out more. Creative writing is inspired by...

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Travelling into paintings with St. Columba's

Our Authors Live video with James Mayhew spurred Natalie Young's class at St. Columba's Primary into some fabulous work in writing and art! The class reveals more in this blog. James Mayhew was an author none of us knew. We did not do any work to learn about him. We decided to just watch him live...

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How to give challenging pupils a voice

How do you give challenging pupils a voice in the classroom and ownership of their learning? Teacher David Terron describes a simple and effective solution below! Over the years one of the main problems we have experienced in education is the huge effort that goes into getting boys to write,...

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Amongst authors and readers on Islay

Recently, Islay held its sixth book festival. Our Live Literature funding has helped the festival to grow from the ground up, and Clare Rodgers, our Live Literature Co-ordinator, was in attendance to share the experience with the island community. I had the good fortune to find myself on beautiful...

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Invigorate teaching and learning with graphic novels!

Want to try a new text? Engage reluctant readers? Promote active learning? Graphic novels might be your answer. In our new video resource, writers John and Sandra from Metaphrog discuss how graphic novels are composed, and examine the rich worlds contained within these texts. Educators are...

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Have fun bringing fairy stories to life!

By making a fairytale character come alive, primary teacher Liz Wyroslawska created a whole imaginary world for her pupils to engage with. Read on to discover an approach which can be used for just about any book! Once upon a time there was a school in Bathgate, West Lothian where the teachers were...

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How do you get boys to write?

Get them to write in their own dialect! This is the approach Gillian Bell explores this week, as she tells us more about her Scots-based classroom activities. At Dundonald we have been operating a one day whole school approach to teaching Scots language for the last 3 years which has instilled an...

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How Storyline immerses learners in a topic

CFE urges the creation of successful learners , who take ownership of their learning. This week, Emily Tall might just have the answer, in the form of the Storyline approach to teaching a topic. Over the past few years I have taught numerous topics by using a storyline approach through various...

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Critical reading skills - cracking the case

Critical reading skills are sometimes difficult to teach in an engaging way. Primary teacher Anna Robb describes a highly original approach in this blog. In August 2010 I was given responsibility for a P4/5 class. In reading, it became apparent that the majority of the children were able to decode...

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Example of a mood board

Creative Approaches to the Higher Still Writing Folio

Islay High School teacher Zoe Haining describes a wonderful idea which can be applied at all stages of the curriculum to stimulate creativity and a spirit of exploration in imaginative writing. Islay High uses an alternative curriculum which has replaced Standard Grade with Access 3/Intermediate 1...

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