6 unmissable children's events from EIBF

Photo by C Burgess 2010
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Scottish Book Trust Head of Schools Programme Jasmine says: I promised to pick five events out of the 2013 Edinburgh International Book Festival children’s programme that I think you shouldn’t miss, and I cheated a little and picked six. However, I wish I could have picked 25 as that still wouldn’t have covered everything I think you really should go and see.

Whatever you do, check out the 'Stripped' Programme – a celebration of graphic novels from all over the world for all ages! Listen to our Book Talk podcast to hear more about 'Stripped' from the Festival's directors.

I’ve left out the obvious choices; you’ll be picking them out of the programme yourself anyway. These are the events I would recommend you don’t miss under any circumstances.


Intergalactic War with SF Said, Tuesday 13 August, 12:00, Age 9-11

Hear SF Said talk about his new book, Phoenix. I haven’t read it yet – it’s not out till August, but it’s about a war between humans and aliens. I also absolutely loved Varjak Paw and The Outlaw Varjak Paw, so can’t wait! Phoenix, like his two previous books, is illustrated by the marvellous Dave McKean.


Ten Years of Mischief with David Roberts, Friday 16 August, 15:30, Age 7-9

David’s brilliant book, Dirty Bertie, was published a decade ago. Come and join Bertie on his latest adventure, when he reluctantly visits the dentist. And where Bertie goes, chaos follows. David’s events are brilliant fun, so don’t miss this one!


Adventures in Shadowlands with Teresa Flavin, Sunday 18 August, 10.30, Age 9-12

Teresa’s first Sunni and Blaise adventure, The Blackhope Enigma, was shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards in 2011. I can’t wait to read the latest adventure they get themselves involved in! Teresa’s events are a wonderful combination of writing and art (she is an illustrator as well) which she magically weaves together.


Beyond Boundaries: The Growth of Teen Fiction, Monday 19 August, 17:00, Age 14+

Why has teenage fiction been the area with the biggest growth in books in recent years? Come and hear three leading exponents of teen fiction, Sita Bahmachari, Tanya Byrne and Keith Gray, speak about this most vibrant of age categories. Oh, and the event is chaired by Tim Lott.


Bob's Film Fiasco by Simon Bartram
Lunar Adventures with Simon Bartram, Thursday 22 August, 15:00, Age 6-8

You’d be mad to miss out on an event with Bob (pictured right), everybody’s favourite spaceman. Simon will take you through Bob’s illustrious life and career and there will certainly be a search for aliens. Expect lots of fun, dressing up, shouting, drawing and joining in.


Barroux and Cathy Brett, Thursday 22 August, 19:00, Age 14+

French artist and writer (and EIBF guest selector) Barroux discovered the diaries of a WW1 soldier in a skip in Paris and turned them into a beautiful graphic novel. Cathy Brett, also a writer and artist, has written an illustrated novel about Esther, who discovers letters sent by a soldier from the trenches to his sweetheart. Join them to hear more about what inspired them to write about and draw the lives of soldiers.