Great Holiday Games for Writers

scrabble tiles
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The holidays are almost here and that means taking just a little bit of time out of the normal routine to recharge and refresh. What better way to chill out and set yourself up for the new year than by kicking back and playing a few games? Especially if those games are perfectly suited to priming your creative impulses…

Show off your Scrabble skills

Stretch your vocabulary to its limits

This classic is still one of the best ways to stretch your vocabulary to its limits – although you may find yourself memorising the sort of high-scoring words that aren’t suited to your average piece of creative fiction. Quartzy, sowpods or oxyphenbutazone anyone?

Test yourself with Whirly Word

When you’re looking for a fun, wordy game that doesn’t need a second player, why not give Whirly Word a go? This cool app challenges you to make as many words as you can from a six-letter selection – perfect for keeping your mind active in-between winter snacking sessions. 

Once Upon a Time card game
Get a group together for Once Upon a Time

If you’ve got a gathering of family or friends to entertain, turn it into a pressure-free storytelling session with the lovely Once Upon a Time board game. One person will be the storyteller and use a selection of cards to weave a fairy tale. The other players use their own story card to try and interrupt and usurp the story! Expect a highly nostalgic barrel of laughs.

Pick your best quip for the New Yorker Caption Contest

Set yourself a real task by seeing if you can come up with a witty reply for the New Yorker Caption Contest. Competition is fierce, but sharing your attempts with all of your friends (and hearing their attempts) is sure to amuse.

Give Elegy for a Dead World a spin

This is an exciting, experimental computer game inspired by the poetry of Shelley, Byron and Keats. Players take the role of explorers sent to distant planets and tasked with creating stories about the people who once lived there. Designed to be as much for non-writers as it is for those who’ve already got plenty of words under their belt, Elegy for a Dead World is a fun way to keep writing cobwebs at bay.

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Image credit, 4772818 on Pixabay.