Writer’s Guide to Christmas Gift Giving

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If there’s one thing more daunting than a blank page, it’s the thought of finding lovely, thoughtful gifts for all of your favourite people and having not one idea to spare. Rather than sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike, take a look at our gift giving guide for writers (spoiler alert: the answer isn’t gift-wrapped copies of your own books – unless they’ve been specifically asked for!).

A mini book or zine

When money is tight but inspiration levels are running high, create a small, wordy gift that will make people smile. Making a one-page zine is much easier than you might think – here’s a great guide to getting it right – and it will cost you no more than the price of a sheet of paper and the time it takes you to dream up some stories.

Write a completely personal short story, pack it with jokes or add in all of your favourite quotes from other writers. If you have a friend group or family members who all enjoy the same sort of stories, photocopy and fold multiple copies of your zine and share the love.

Books (of course)

Choose your books wisely

You love to write. Ergo, you love to read and you know everyone else does too – right? Hopefully they do, but just remember they may not love it quite as much as you do, which means it’s a good idea to be extra thoughtful when you’re choosing your books.

Think about what they really want to read, not what you think they should. Annuals, recipe books, non-fiction, comics, pamphlets, joke books – there’s something to tempt even the most reluctant bookworm. Check out our book lists for a little inspiration.

Personalised notebooks

Not on the High Street notebook
Words are your thing. There’s a good chance you receive notebooks for every special occasion. How about being the person who gives them out? Your writer friends won’t be the only ones who love the feel of a fresh notebook and you could make them extra special by adding your own inspirational (or comedic) quote.

If you have neat handwriting, pop a little inspiration in the flyleaf yourself. If calligraphy isn’t your strong point, why not check out Moleskine’s personalised notebooks or the customisable options at Not on the High Street?

Your editing/writing time

Few writers find the act of writing easy, but there’s a good chance you find practical writing a bit easier than many of your friends and loved ones. Know someone who sells their own goodies on Etsy and whose bio needs a little love? A reluctant writer who has a ton of application forms to fill in? An older person who has a precious memory they’d like recorded? Offer them your pen.

Your help might just be priceless

If you’re looking for a gift for fellow writers, why not give them a voucher for a certain number of editing hours? Promise you’ll read their next draft and will offer constructive feedback without expecting them to return the favour – your help might just be priceless!

Will you be shopping for a writer over the holidays? We put together a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the writer in your life.


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