Why we love StoryCon

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Category: Writing

We are two writers and a storyteller who were part of year 3’s What’s Your Story team and helped organise StoryCon 2018. Here’s why we loved StoryCon and why you should attend in 2019!


Anna says:

"Writing can feel like a very isolating hobby sometimes. For a lot of us it’s something we mostly do alone and at least for me it’s not something that any of my friends are interested in. One of the best things for me was having the chance to meet other people who care about the same things I do. Talking to other teenagers and industry professionals in a relaxing environment makes you appreciate how not unusual your interests are.

I also love meeting and learning from people who use a different medium from me to tell stories. Last year I went to a Storytelling workshop on a whim not really knowing what to expect and surprised myself when it was my favourite workshop!

There’s also free pizza, so know you can’t go too far wrong…"


Holly says: 

"StoryCon is a convention like no other, and it really is the best place imaginable to learn about how to turn your creations into real and tangible works of art. Plagued by plot holes? How better to sort out your story than learning from real-life published authors? Can’t draw limbs to save yourself? Why would you pass up this chance to have an illustrator lend a hand? And if, like me and so many others, you are utterly bamboozled by the publication process, this is the best place for you.

Before I went to StoryCon, I had absolutely no clue how to turn my ideas into actual physical stories. The publishing world was a dark and mysterious one, and not a place I’d ever been introduced to. But, at StoryCon I was able to attend workshops with authors and publishers who gave me advice and answered all of my questions – that’s not something you get to do every day!

I had a fantastic time last year. I learned so much about story writing and plotting and character building. I also tried workshops I never thought I’d be interested in, including video game writing and historical researching, and had a phenomenal time.

So roll on StoryCon 2019. I can’t wait to see what the Year 4 Rookies have prepared, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!"


Ailsa says: 

"If you love to create, but feel disheartened, dispirited and dejected because no-ones taking you seriously as a creator, Storycon is the place for you. Sometimes you feel like your work is worthless – with exams, parents, university applications, part time jobs and whatever else teenagers are supposed to be doing, creating can sometimes seem irrelevant. 

However, Storycon reminds you that Creating is one of the best things you could possibly be doing, and the fact that you’re a teenager doesn’t matter. The fact that Storycon is specifically designed for teenagers, by teenagers, means that these problems are addressed. You’re treated like a professional and receive professional advice on creating from real writers and illustrators as well as practical tips on how to get your work out there from real publishers who all believe that you are the future of the industry. Literally, when it comes to creating, there is nothing that Storycon can’t help you do, teenager or not." 


There's still time to save your space at StoryCon 2019. Book your free ticket before Monday 3 June.