Writing Prompt - baby crying

Writing Prompt #1: The Crying Baby

Need a little inspiration to get writing? Our bi-weekly writing prompt could get you off to a good start.

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School children at an event

Steve Cole: 5 Ways to Avoid Disaster During an Author Event

Steven Cole, guest at our recent Schools Lab, shares some excellent tips for authors and creators who want to ensure a smooth event

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desk at Grez

RLS Fellowship: David Bishop on Applying with an Open Mind

Award-winning screenwriter and author David Bishop thought writers like him couldn't win a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship. Luckily, he applied anyway and loved every moment of the experience.

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Alan Dapre portrait

5 Things to Remember when Writing for Children

Want to write children's books that inspire and excite your readers? Author Alan Dapré has some great advice for getting started.

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sharpened pencil and paper

5 Ways to Make the Most of a Manuscript Assessment

A manuscript assessment could give your writing a sharper edge, but is it what you need right now? Literary consulatant Sam Boyce has top tips for making the most of the experience

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Laptop on table

Doing Digital: Best Apps for Getting New Writing Started

The thought of starting a big new writing project can be enough to make you want to hide your head under the duvet. Fear not! We have some handy apps to help get your writing going.

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P.M. Freestone portrait

5 Ingredients for an Awesome School Visit

Are you an author looking to add more awesome to your school visits? P. M. Freestone shares some of the invaluable advice she learned on our recent Schools Lab.

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Heather Richardson portrait and Doubting Thomas book cover

5 Ways to Recharge Your Creativity

All creatives experience fallow periods now and then - find out a few great ways to tackle a slumps with advice from writer Heather Richardson.

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Drawing of pip-pip penguin

How to Illustrate Dramatic Moments in Children’s Books

How do you add tension and drama to drawing for children's books? Award-winning illustrator Guy Parker-Rees offers a few handy hints.

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Megan McLaughlin reading at Nue Reekie Showcase

7 Reasons for Teens to Apply for What's Your Story

If you're a teen creator (or you know one!) and you're not sure whether What's Your Story is somehting to apply for, check out this excellent advice from former Rookie and writer Megan McLaughlin.

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