Kate Tough author portrait and book cover

The road to republication

Award-winning author Kate Tough takes us behind the scenes of her book's journey with three different publishers.

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Pen and paper

Why we love StoryCon

Three young people share why they love our annual writing convention

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open notebook and pen

Applying for the New Writers Award: Three awardees share their stories

Like the idea of applying for a New Writers Award but need a little encouragement? See what three previous awardees have to say.

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Desk of Moira Forsyth at Sandstone Press

How not to get published

Author and editorial director at Sandstone Press, Moira Forsyth, shares some tips for submitting to publishers.

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Author portrait of Polly Clark

Five tips for researching fiction from author Polly Clark

Author Polly Clark shares what she's discovered about researching a novel

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Black cat on a pile of papers

Tha Gàidhlig gam chuideachadh an t-saoghal fhaicinn bho sealladh cait (Gaelic helps me see the world from a cat’s viewpoint)

Writer June Graham shares her experiences of creating in Gaelic and how those are different to the way she writes in English.

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Alan Bissett portrait

Alan Bissett: Is writing in Scots an act of resistance?

Alan Bissett shares his thoughts on writing in Scots

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Liz Niven portrait

Scrievin and writin in Scots: Liz Niven

Poet Liz Niven shares her tips for getting started writing in Scots, even if you've never had a chance to really try it before.

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Gerda Stevenson portrait

Gerda Stevenson: Thoughts on writing in Scots and English

Is writing in Scots a political act? Poet Gerda Stevenson muses on the impulse that drives people to ask her this questions.

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Thomas Clark portrait

Neither useful nor ornamental: Why Scots matters

Author Thomas Clark shares why he believes Scots matters.

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