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  • Growing up in Scotland - What we need to do with the data

    Growing up in Scotland (GUS) is a longitudinal study which has been following families and children from infants to teens. The first birth cohort is now about 5 years old. The GUS study looks at all aspects of families and family life. The findings are interesting, and reflective of anecdotally...

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  • Brian McLaren: How classroom blogging enables learning narratives

    Brian McLaren is Depute Head Teacher at Clackmannan Primary School in Clackmannanshire. In this blog post he describes how classroom blogging has enabled pupils to develop their own personal and collaborative blogs while developing technical skills and demonstrating reading and writing skills...

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  • Five fun facts about early literacy

    I have always been a fact collector. Random snappy facts have a way of gluing themselves in my brain. And when I speak to people about literacy and language development, it’s these facts that always grab their attention. So, for this week’s blog, I present to you 5 of my favourite language and...

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  • Nick Hood: Evolving Literacies in the New Curriculum

    This article is based upon a presentation given by Nick Hood ( @cullaloe on twitter) for TeachMeet Fife on Tuesday 15th March 2011 at Carnegie College, Dunfermline. If you're interested in sharing interesting practice like this come along to TeachMeetLothians at Scottish Book Trust on 7th June from...

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  • Skullduggery amongst the Aspidistras

    I can’t get arrested at a certain Long Established Scottish Literary Publication. Even though I have failed to make it between the covers, their responses chart my development as a writer in their own way. My submissions span a decade. The first few boomeranged back to me without comment – in the...

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  • Reading to baby: how early is too early?

    M any parents say they value reading with their babies and young children. They collect books long before the birth of the baby. They cherish books that are gifted from friends and family members. And when the baby is born, the parents say – I can’t wait to start reading when the baby is a bit...

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