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  • Paul Bristow's Work

    Graphic Novels and Place: Paul Bristow talks about the Identity Project

    Paul Bristow, from the ‘Identity’ graphic novel, written about Greenock and Gourock in Inverclyde, talks to us about his favourite place and the ‘Identity ’ Project. My favourite place seems a ridiculously obvious choice, and if you know it well, perhaps also an unlikely one: Greenock in Inverclyde...

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  • Dear Mr. Walliams...

    Scottish Book Trust’s Authors Live events are a great opportunity to get your class excited about books and writing, and with our Roald Dahl Celebration event fast approaching, now’s a good time to gather ideas! Below, SBT’s Chris Leslie shares a great idea from a teacher at Easdale Primary school...

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  • Homme Qui Marche by Alberto Giacometti, Crédit : DR

    Unbound Story Six: The Man Who Walked

    Prompt: L'Homme Qui Marche by Alberto Giacometti - suggested by David WW Johnstone on Twitter ( @lazziarts ) and chosen by Edinburgh International Book Festival . The Man Who Walked By R.A. Martens The Health Minister felt sick. He always got ill when they came to this godforsaken outpost. The...

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  • Andrew Sclater

    The Journey of a Poet

    Join poet Andrew Sclater on a journey to Orkney

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  • Small is beautiful: Writing Workshops with Kathrine Sowerby

    My Favourite Place has been going strong this past few months, with submissions flooding in and workshops taking place up and down the country. We caught up with My Favourite Place Community Volunteer and poet, Kathrine Sowerby, to see how her workshops have been going. Westerton is a Glasgow...

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  • Wake up man! WAKE UP!

    Unbound Story Five: Waking Up

    Prompt: Six word story 'Zookeeper missing. Distraught lion loses appetite' - written by Amanda Block on Twitter ( @ACWritersBlock ) selected by @CargoPublishing Waking Up By Kirstin Innes And the story finished. Again. And two men died. but again, the heads around Shirren just nodded, grey. ‘Mmm,’...

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