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  • Cassandra: Six Degrees of the Goon Squad

    So far for Book Talk’s featured books I’ve created two related quizzes and asked about your feelings about ambiguous endings. I recently finished January’s book, A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, and decided that I needed to do something a bit different. You see this book is a book that...

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  • Book Talk: New Podcast, New Competition!

    2012 looks like a pretty exciting year for books and the Book Talk books for the first few months have been chosen, read and enthused about here in our office . We can't wait to share them with you all. The first book of the year - and the subject of January's podcast is A Visit from the Goon Squad...

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  • Cassandra: Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz!

    Since Glister is a book that defies genres and generalisations, it was pretty difficult to decide what kind of quiz to have in its honour this month, but since December is a month for games, quizzes, puzzles, reading and movies, our volunteer (and resident sci-fi expert) Cassandra came up with this...

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  • Christmas Tree image by wolfsavard on Flickr

    10 gift-wrapped teaching links!

    As the Christmas holidays approach, Scottish Book Trust's Schools team takes a look at some great teaching resources we've discovered this year. As a teacher approaching Christmas, there were usually two questions in my mind. One, how can I keep things nice and light for the pupils at this time of...

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  • Reading resolutions

    Here we are again, almost ready to hang a new calendar and start fresh. New Year is a time that inspires change. It’s a time of reflection and resolution. Are you looking for some New Year resolutions? Here are my reading inspired suggestions. 1. Spend more time reading, singing and rhyming It’s...

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  • Reading Glister with your Book Group

    Glister , a novel about the moral and environmental decay of a Scottish community, is not short of talking points. With political, spiritual and moral themes running through it, the book leaves a lot of questions unanswered and has great discussion potential. So if you want to try it in your book...

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