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  • Kids at Party

    It's Party Time in South Lanarkshire!

    Families in South Lanarkshire can now give their children (0-8yrs) a party to remember in Rutherglen Library. They can choose to have a Pirate, Princess or Teddy Bear’s Picnic themed party. Party leaders keep the children entertained throughout the party with craft activities, games, face painting...

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  • Hamish Pirie: The Audience in Verbatim Theatre

    Following on from his earlier blog about the politics of verbatim theatre, Traverse Theatre Associate Director Hamish Pirie reflects on his experiences of Demos, a new piece of verbatim theatre inspired by the Occupy Movement. The production consisted of two parts. Firstly, a reading of proceedings...

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  • High-Altitude Performance Poetry

    Where is the most unusual place you’ve been asked to read your work? I’ve heard of poets performing in some wacky venues: the top deck of a bus, the Glasgow subway, burlesque clubs, and haunted houses. Over the years, I’ve been known to shout verse from the middle of a field, from street corners...

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  • Parenting Across Scotland Essays

    When we talk about the early years, we have to inevitably consider the parents. If we can reach the parents, then we reach the children. But the job of the parent isn’t easy. And likewise, there seems to be a fair share of condemning headlines these days accusing parents about a lack of ability to...

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  • Is This Thing On?

    As a literary reader and occasional musician I have an understanding of electronic amplification and an increasing impatience with its ubiquity. It pains me that amplification has become the default. Readings and performances often take place in rooms too small to need electronic help. All that is...

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  • World Book Night party - If you book it, they will come

    As a librarian, you always like to see new people coming in to pick up a book. But how do you reach out to the community and draw them in? Anne Rinaldi saw an opportunity in World Book Night, and used our Live Literature Funding to bring her vision alive! I coordinate reader development for the...

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