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  • Ruth Kirkpatrick with a nursery child

    Creating a storytelling classroom

    If you could bring a writer in to inspire you and your pupils, who would it be? What type of writer could help your pupils the most? Langholm Day Care Centre decided to use our funding to bring in a professional storyteller: read on and find out how this experience enriched teaching and learning...

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  • We want your book recommendations!

    School book cupboards are full of well-loved staples like Of Mice and Men and the Catcher in the Rye. But have you got something new and different in your classroom library? Find out how to share your recommendations and win great prizes below! The stock in most primary and secondary schools will...

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  • Reading Aloud with Confidence

    The way we read a book aloud will have an enormous impact on the listener. Our tone can convey meaning. Our voice can build excitement or create tension. It can calm and soothe. Our body language can help children learn the meaning of new words or interpret them differently in the context of the...

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  • Cassandra: Six Degrees of the Goon Squad

    So far for Book Talk’s featured books I’ve created two related quizzes and asked about your feelings about ambiguous endings. I recently finished January’s book, A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, and decided that I needed to do something a bit different. You see this book is a book that...

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  • Book Talk: New Podcast, New Competition!

    2012 looks like a pretty exciting year for books and the Book Talk books for the first few months have been chosen, read and enthused about here in our office . We can't wait to share them with you all. The first book of the year - and the subject of January's podcast is A Visit from the Goon Squad...

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  • Cassandra: Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz!

    Since Glister is a book that defies genres and generalisations, it was pretty difficult to decide what kind of quiz to have in its honour this month, but since December is a month for games, quizzes, puzzles, reading and movies, our volunteer (and resident sci-fi expert) Cassandra came up with this...

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