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  • Pupils at the Reading Bus

    The Reading Bus: Apardion, A Leopard's Quest!

    Approaching learning through a narrative always delivers a meaningful experience for pupils. Below, Aberdeen's The Reading Bus organisation describe how our Live Literature funding helped them to deliver Apardion: A Leopard's Quest , a wonderful multi-arts project. The Reading Bus organisation...

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  • Ending on a high note

    I woke up singing this morning. Singing before my morning coffee is usually strictly prohibited. But as I was getting ready for another Monday morning, I couldn’t help but reflect on the last workday before the weekend. The day ended, as all good workdays do, on a singing note. As a result, I had...

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  • Aye Write diary by Claire Stewart

    Glasgow's book festival, Aye Write! kicked off this weekend with the book-lovers of Glasgow descending upon The Mitchell Library for a fix of good, old-fashioned mental stimulation. On the opening weekend, the enthusiasm of the Aye Write punters was surpassed only by the energy of the heroic staff...

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  • Writing Support of the Snuggly Kind

    Ah, writers. Our self-esteem is notoriously low. Publishing a novel dramatically improved my ability to claim an identity as a writer, but even so, I am regularly seized with doubt. Will I ever write anything that long again? Am I just a one-hit wonder (and not a terribly big hit, at that)? Was...

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  • Literacy in the Maths Classroom

    Literacy is now the responsibility of all. In this blog, Maths teacher and trainer Hazel Lowe demonstrates how literacy outcomes can form an integral part of your practice in the Maths classroom. During a chat with a fellow teacher, he mentioned the pupils writing stories about the lives of...

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  • Dundee's Fab Dad Days

    Bookbug Success Stories is all about celebrating successes in Scotland's local authorities and this month we kick things off with Fab Dad Days that are being held in Dundee. Dads in Dundee are getting the chance to meet together, play together, read together and sing together as part of a new...

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