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  • The Science of Parenting (or is it?)

    Early years is a hot topic. We scatter broad terms like brain development, early intervention, and learning through play without explaining exactly what we mean. Of course brains develop – and they will do so because of their environment and interaction with the world. We never say how or why. We...

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  • Fat Writer in a Strange Land

    Don’t get me wrong. It is entirely brilliant when some kind soul pulls together a big list of writing competition deadlines and upcoming publication opportunities . The trouble is that magazines, anthologies and competitions are increasingly imposing themes. I scan down the columns of ever-...

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  • Save the Date

    On Monday October 3rd, our online book group Book Talk gets going, starting with a book discussion podcast featuring guests journalist Pauline McLean and librarian Rachel McCabe plus live twitter chat. They will be discussing The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai , so if you want to join in, the time to...

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  • Book Love

    If you're a book lover, Claire Stewart would strongly urge you to get a copy of The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai, (a kidnap/roadtrip/offbeat adventure with book references galore, starring a librarian and a beleaguered wee boy). Preferably this week. Read on to find out why... What’s the best thing...

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  • Nosy Crow's Cinderella leaves Tracy 'appily ever after!

    Nosy Crow set the bar high with the Three Little Pigs app . So high, that I was both ridiculously excited and a bit nervous about their next fairy tale app – would it live up to the first one? As Nosy Crow brings us the Cinderella app , here are my thoughts. From the moment the moonlit garden title...

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  • Have fun bringing fairy stories to life!

    By making a fairytale character come alive, primary teacher Liz Wyroslawska created a whole imaginary world for her pupils to engage with. Read on to discover an approach which can be used for just about any book! Once upon a time there was a school in Bathgate, West Lothian where the teachers were...

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