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  • Reading resolutions

    Here we are again, almost ready to hang a new calendar and start fresh. New Year is a time that inspires change. It’s a time of reflection and resolution. Are you looking for some New Year resolutions? Here are my reading inspired suggestions. 1. Spend more time reading, singing and rhyming It’s...

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  • Reading Glister with your Book Group

    Glister , a novel about the moral and environmental decay of a Scottish community, is not short of talking points. With political, spiritual and moral themes running through it, the book leaves a lot of questions unanswered and has great discussion potential. So if you want to try it in your book...

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  • A ' wicked' way to use Live Literature Funding

    Through Scottish Book Trust, schools and other organisations can apply for funding to bring writers, storytellers and illustrators in to work with their learners. Have a look and see what St. Mary's Primary in Largs did with the funding! In January St. Mary's Parent Council applied to Scottish Book...

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  • The Tale of the Farmer and the Pirate torrent

    I am a pirate. No, I don’t mean the Jack Sparrow wooden leg ho-ho-me-hearties variety; I mean the kind that consumes copyright material illegally. Now, don’t get me wrong - I don’t do this on a professional scale; I don’t have caches of megadrives crammed full of Hollywood blockbusters that I’ve...

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  • Cassandra: Glister, Ambiguous Endings and Loose Ends

    December’s Book Talk read, Glister by John Burnside, is a book rife with ambiguity, particularly when it comes to the ending, which left me scratching my head. Dean Koontz’s Servants of Twilight was another such book and I wondered for days whether or not the main character, a little boy, was...

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  • Protect school libraries with the #ShoutAbout campaign

    M ake your voice heard and shout about school libraries! This week, the School Library Association explains the driving principles behind their new campaign to protect school library services. SHOUT ABOUT School Libraries is a national campaign uniting groups working to promote school library...

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