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  • More Than One Way to Share a Book

    Book-sharing tips to engage both parent and child

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  • Coochie, coochie coo! The natural benefits of baby talk

    It’s hard not to do it. When we meet babies and children (and sometimes even pets), our usual manner of speaking is altered. We don’t use the same tones we use when we communicate with other adults but instead we elongate our vowels and vary our tone and pitch. We slow down, pronounce our words...

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  • It’s a book!

    I still remember when my family got our first computer. It was about 20 years ago. The computer was huge; it sat on top of a desk in the living room. It took about 10 minutes to start up. The monitor could only produce green and black images. It was my first experience with technology – and I loved...

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  • Gove strikes again: The folly of phonics testing

    Phonics... Foniks... fawnicks... fonixs... phonix... You get the idea? I'm trying to come up with different letter combinations that you could interpret to be the word 'phonics'. Oh phonics, how I love you and hate you all at the same time. I love that you allow me to be creative with the language...

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  • Is Fiction Good for Readers and Bad for Writers?

    I heard two interesting things about literature today. According to academic Keith Oatley , reading fiction is very good for people. It improves our social performance. The more we read, the better we are at interacting with other people. Reading is like a flight simulator for life. Meanwhile Rick...

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  • Picture books: The read-aloudability factor

    I was having a chat with a friend last week about a new picture book. We both liked the book and had quite an animated discussion about why we loved it. I commented that the book was very read-aloudable – the words were so carefully crafted that it was virtually impossible to read the book aloud...

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