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  • Robert Twigger: Being the Wigtown Book Festival Hermit in Residence

    As Hermit in Residence at Wigtown Book Festival this year I was informed I’d be given my own bothy or hovel to scribble in - in fact it was a rather nice studio with a transparent roof, perfect for writing in fact, it even had a little cot on which to cogitate. What did the hermit have to do?...

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  • Cassandra: A Borrower, Past and Present

    Our volunteer Cassandra who is a life-long borrower and library appreciator, writes about the changing library and its benefits for everyone. ***** For as long as I can recall my local library – wherever I was living at the time ­– has been a big part of my life. As a small child I eagerly sat in a...

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  • Stewart Bain: Behind the Scenes at the Library

    “Good morning, I found a bumblebee floating in a bucket of water and I wondered if there is perhaps something like a Bumblebee Preservation Society?” Working in a library you must be prepared for the fact that you can, and will, be asked anything. Despite living in the age of the internet, it is...

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  • Test Your Library Smarts!

    Since The Borrower stars librarian Lucy, and a library is where the tale begins, we thought we'd give you a challenge to test your knowledge of libraries. Click here to take the quiz and let us know how many you got right in the comments! 1-3 right - Dewey Dunce 4-6 right - Left on the Shelf 7-9...

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  • LLF Author Mandy Haggith Reviews 'The Borrower'

    Book Talk is off to a flying start with author Rebecca Makkai sharing a few secrets during our twitter chat yesterday. (Hint- Follow the yellow brick road!) Today's treat comes from one of our Live Literature Authors, Scottish Book Trust's website hosts a database of authors who live and work in...

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  • How to give challenging pupils a voice

    How do you give challenging pupils a voice in the classroom and ownership of their learning? Teacher David Terron describes a simple and effective solution below! Over the years one of the main problems we have experienced in education is the huge effort that goes into getting boys to write,...

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