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  • The power of the English language

    The English language is rich with an incredible number of words. Do you ever stop to think about the types of word we use? If there is something you need to say, there is a word for that. We have words that name, action and describe – just to mention a few. We need to hear language in order to...

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  • West Port Book Festival: Organising a Community Book Festival

    “The West Port is Edinburgh’s Soho, a heady mix of booze, bosoms, bespoke tailoring and BOOKS. It would almost be churlish not to celebrate this profusion of pages so we run an annual book festival that plays out over a number of wonderful venues, ranging from singular second-hand bookshops to...

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  • Robert Twigger: Being the Wigtown Book Festival Hermit in Residence

    As Hermit in Residence at Wigtown Book Festival this year I was informed I’d be given my own bothy or hovel to scribble in - in fact it was a rather nice studio with a transparent roof, perfect for writing in fact, it even had a little cot on which to cogitate. What did the hermit have to do?...

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  • Cassandra: A Borrower, Past and Present

    Our volunteer Cassandra who is a life-long borrower and library appreciator, writes about the changing library and its benefits for everyone. ***** For as long as I can recall my local library – wherever I was living at the time ­– has been a big part of my life. As a small child I eagerly sat in a...

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  • Stewart Bain: Behind the Scenes at the Library

    “Good morning, I found a bumblebee floating in a bucket of water and I wondered if there is perhaps something like a Bumblebee Preservation Society?” Working in a library you must be prepared for the fact that you can, and will, be asked anything. Despite living in the age of the internet, it is...

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  • Test Your Library Smarts!

    Since The Borrower stars librarian Lucy, and a library is where the tale begins, we thought we'd give you a challenge to test your knowledge of libraries. Click here to take the quiz and let us know how many you got right in the comments! 1-3 right - Dewey Dunce 4-6 right - Left on the Shelf 7-9...

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