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  • Nosy Crow's Cinderella leaves Tracy 'appily ever after!

    Nosy Crow set the bar high with the Three Little Pigs app . So high, that I was both ridiculously excited and a bit nervous about their next fairy tale app – would it live up to the first one? As Nosy Crow brings us the Cinderella app , here are my thoughts. From the moment the moonlit garden title...

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  • Have fun bringing fairy stories to life!

    By making a fairytale character come alive, primary teacher Liz Wyroslawska created a whole imaginary world for her pupils to engage with. Read on to discover an approach which can be used for just about any book! Once upon a time there was a school in Bathgate, West Lothian where the teachers were...

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  • Knock knock - the power of puns

    Knock, knock. Who's there? Woo. Woo, who? Don't get so excited, it's just a joke. It may be just a joke but when a child tells you a joke then it is actually something to get excited about. It shows an important understanding of and a firm grasp on the use of language. Knock-knock jokes are a...

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  • Behind the Scenes at the New Writers Awards

    We are now open for applications for one of my favourite projects, the New Writers Awards. A great deal of my time is spent removed from the creative process, entering data into spreadsheets and writing reports, so it’s lovely to work with eight talented writers and watch them progress over a year...

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  • How do you get boys to write?

    Get them to write in their own dialect! This is the approach Gillian Bell explores this week, as she tells us more about her Scots-based classroom activities. At Dundonald we have been operating a one day whole school approach to teaching Scots language for the last 3 years which has instilled an...

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  • Time to Celebrate International Literacy Day

    On September 8 we will celebrate International Literacy Day. I was researching this blog and one thing became quite clear – encouraging families to read, talk, play and sing together is an idea that translates across all cultures. There are programmes all over the world that gift books to babies...

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